[VOTE] #AGIP8 and #AGIP9 — Give Voting Power to Aavegotchis and Wearables

5 min readJun 11, 2021

I am Gotchi, hear me RAWR!

All frens know that GHST is the eco-governance token of Aavegotchi, which means holding GHST empowers the holder to voting rights within AavegotchiDAO. But since the launch of Aavegotchi back in March 2021, many community members have asked, “Shouldn’t my Aavegotchi also have voting power? And what about my wearables!”

These Aavegotchi DAOists make an interesting argument. Yes, GHST is the governing token of the Aavegotchi game ecosystem, but Aavegotchis and Wearables are key elements of the game itself! So isn’t it logical that they should also possess voting power?

This is the debate that has raged on for several months in the #dao-discussion channel and official AavegotchiDAO forum, in threads such as here and here.

Now, after many months of discussion and signaling, these ideas have finally gained sufficient quorum on Snapshot to warrant being promoted to Core Proposals, up for vote by the entire AavegotchiDAO.

If these Proposals pass, AavegotchiDAO could make history as the first DAO to allocate voting power based on the dynamic traits of an NFT. (Another first 💯)

So the big question put forward to AavegotchiDAO is simple — should Aavegotchis and their Wearables possess Voting Power? Read the Proposals below, then cast your vote!

AGIP8 Proposal Details

Core Proposal: AGIP8 — Give Voting Power to Aavegotchis based on BRS
: dank #6358
Gotchi ID: Taylor Swift https://aavegotchi.com/gotchi/5934
Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/signal-proposal-fixed-voting-power-in-ghst-for-each-aavegotchi/1721
Proposal Synopsis: Add Voting Power for Aavegotchis held in a voter’s address, at a rate of 1 GHST per BRS (base rarity score, not including equipped wearables)*
Required Quorum: 3.2M GHST
Vote Duration: 7 days
A) Yes, give Voting Power to Aavegotchi based on BRS
B) No, Aavegotchis shouldn’t have Voting Power

*The type of BRS was not initially specified in the SigProp, but to avoid duplicate voting power with AGIP9, equipped wearables will not count towards Aavegotchi Voting Power.

👉Vote now on AGIP8: https://snapshot.org/#/aavegotchi.eth/proposal/QmZnzgvkEzHvwkYPGLFQLtVvvoMzBXPWhznux1udHzbUim

AGIP9 Proposal Details

Core Proposal AGIP9 — Give Voting Power to Wearables based on Maall Price
Author: JG#7031
Gotchi ID: Red Pill https://aavegotchi.com/gotchi/1345
Discourse Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/signal-proposal-fixed-voting-power-for-wearables/1613
Proposal Synopsis: Add Voting Power for Wearables held by Aavegotchis and in the voting address.
Required Quorum: 3.2M GHST
Vote Duration: 7 days
A) Yes, give Voting Power to Wearables based on Maall Price
B) No, Wearables shouldn’t have Voting Power

👉Vote now on AGIP9: https://snapshot.org/#/aavegotchi.eth/proposal/Qmat7jeAS1W3BBq7yDi2jkHjNoywmUEfrF2FdPiS9CcGHa

Original Proposal Descriptions

AGIP8 Description

In an effort to strengthen the AavegotchiDAO and give fair voting power to the Aavegotchi community, I’d like to revisit the topic of voting power given to each Aavegotchi.

This forum post is strictly to determine a fair GHST value per aavegotchi (wearable voting power has been proposed separately). This will serve to ensure each and every aavegotchi has a voice in each action the DAO takes going forward.

I propose 3 options of valuing voting power per aavegotchi:

300 GHST per gotchi (ape tax price)

100 GHST per gotchi (base price)

BRS weighted per gotchi (1 GHST voting power per point of BRS)

*** If the community chooses any option in favor of assigning a fixed voting power in GHST to each Aavegotchi, then a core proposal can be created choosing between that single option and ‘No Voting Power’ ***

AGIP9 Description

As AavegotchiDAO progresses and more community involvement is achieved, deficiencies in capturing the “true will of the people” have been observed via reduced voting power after participation by core users in the ecosystem.

While there are separate proposal(s) for granting gotchies with voting power, this SigProp is related exclusively to the topic of granting wearables with fixed voting power values.

There is no need to standardize value or voting power for each wearable in this process, as the work was already done when establishing base values for wearables.

We hereby propose to grant voting power moving forward for all wearables owned by an individual wallet address under the same ratios as base shop prices:

Common: +5 GHST
Uncommon: +10 GHST
Rare: +100 GHST
Legendary: +300 GHST
Mythical: +2000 GHST
Godlike: +10000 GHST

Implementation of this proposal would facilitate the passing of signal and core proposals, while fostering a sense of community involvement for core users.

About AavegotchiDAO

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AavegotchiDAO is currently in V1.5 aka COCOON and is working its way toward Metamorphosis, where the treasury, committees, and more decentralized initiatives will be initiated. If you’ve ever wanted to have a direct impact on a game experience, and more importantly, a community, do consider joining!

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