[VOTE NOW] AavegotchiDAO End-of-the-year XP EXTRAVAGANZA

10 min readDec 10, 2021

EIGHT Proposals are waiting for your vote!

It’s an AavegotchiDAO XP Extravaganza!

Hey frens! We all know that AavegotchiDAO is the most active DAO in the world, but we definitely don’t mind when Delphi Digital points it out:

What they don’t know is that we’re about to do what’s called a pro gamer move and introduce EIGHT new proposals at once, meaning eight chances to earn XP for your GotchiGang!

Read up on each post, then head to the official Aavegotchi Snapshot to get voting.

Two New Core Props

Corn Pop was a bad dude, but his little bro Core Prop was a saint. It’s taken a bit longer than expected, but we’ve upgraded two Signal Proposals into Core Props and they’re ready for your votes!

Quorum requirement: 20% (9M GHST)
Vote duration: 7 days
XP Reward: 20 XP per Gotchi

CoreProp1: [AGIP16] Stake 100k GHST to generate Minigame rewards

Some frens have expressed concern over the lack of rewards for participating in Minigame events. Since there currently exists no Aarcade Taask Force with a designated budget, Gotchinomics has come up with the idea of staking 100k GHST in Treasury funds to support future initiatives.

Author: Gotchinomics#4936
GotchiID: 3934
Discourse Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/creation-of-an-aarcade-dao/2128


Aavegotchi aims to be one of the top Play2Earn projects in the crypto gaming space, the launch of the Gotchiverse Realm being the cornerstone to achieving this long-term goal. However, there is room for improving the short-term possibilities through seasonal gaming events. The main problem is the lack of structure and funds.


Before creating a dedicated Aarcade DAO, the first step to enable play2earn rewards is to create a sustainable stream of funds. A simple and low-risk solution would be to stake a portion of the main DAO treasury, such as 100k GHST, to generate FRENS. Those could be then transformed into raffle tickets and given away to mini-game players through periodic events.

Potential risks

Staking GHST will indirectly imply a dilution of FRENS/tickets. However, since they would be distributed via mini-game rewards, the impact should be minimal compared to the boost on engagement and appeal to new people.


Wait for the Aarcade DAO to launch and let the new committee decide how to designate funds. However, this alternative option would mean losing precious time to generate more attractive rewards.

Option 1: Yes, stake 100K GHST
Option 2: No, wait for an Aarcade DAO

VOTE NOW 👇https://snapshot.org/#/aavegotchi.eth/proposal/0xd654255f22e694369686e9791ff663f38a9f586bd4126831fc9d8ce384208964

[AGIP17] Adding Voting Power to REALM Parcels

Author: Cookiethief
GotchiID: 8161
XP Reward: 20 XP for each Aavegotchi in the voter’s wallet
Quorum requirement: 20% (roughly 9M according to https://aavegotchi.com/quorum/)
Discourse Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/voting-power-for-land-plots/2508

CoreProp Edits
An option for “Auction floor” has also been added. This brings the
Vote Differential up to 20%, meaning that any option must have 20% higher than the next option to pass.

With a new asset class added to the Aavegotchi family in the form of realm plots comes a new sink of GHST. This currently leaves those who have heavily invested into the new plots with much lesser voting power in the Aavegotchi DAO.

Since realm plots and the Gotchiverse are such an integral part of the Aavegotchi ecosystem, I believe it’s only right that realm owners get an amount of voting power that is proportional to the size of their realm plots. This ensures that their vote can be heard, which is of particular importance when future governance proposals will concern the Gotchiverse.

Since every plot has a set size in pixels which is also a scaling factor for the amount of alchemica within the plot, the suggestion brought forward is:

1 pixel = 1 GHST worth of voting power (64, 256, 2056)
1 pixel = 0.5 GHST worth of voting power (32, 128, 1028)

An alternative would be to give every plot flat voting power based on the auction floor, with a vote afterward allowing for fine-tuning of final voting power amounts while ensuring that all land owners will have a say.

This would give 100, 200, and 1300 GHST worth of voting power to humbles, reasonables, and spacious parcels, respectively.

Option 1: Yes, give REALM parcels a voting power of 0.5 GHST/pixel
Option 2: Yes, give REALM parcels a voting power of 1 GHST/pixel
Option 3: Yes, give REALM parcels a voting power based on auction floor
Option 4: No, don’t give REALM parcels voting power

VOTE NOW 👇https://snapshot.org/#/aavegotchi.eth/proposal/0x19cf04795e0d462037f8bdfac22dca928be8af1764fe69edf56dc66737998021

Six New SigProps

One of the most unique aspects of Aavegotchi is that we are aspiring to become a community-owned game. Unlike DeFi protocols, games are not immutable — they are constantly evolving and reacting to new environments and “metas”. It is common in the gaming world for the developers to introduce patches to fix bugs, improve balance, or introduce new features.

However, we do not want to just replicate the “old guard” of game development. We consider this a two-way relationship between us and the community, and value highly any feedback that you deliver us. In the future, we look forward to (even expect!) community-driven patches and adjustments to the Gotchiverse–just like is already happening with the Aavegotchi NFT protocol.

Introducing Gotchiverse Paatch 0.1

Although the Gotchiverse is not yet live, we have identified a few areas that we believe should be adjusted before the game is released, and would like to bring these items to the community’s attention for discussion and a decision on whether or not to enact.

Despite the fact that we technically view all of these changes under the umbrella of “Patch v0.1”, to ensure no single proposed change can revert the entire batch, we have created six separate snapshot SigProp Proposals.

For any unsuccessful Proposals, we will take into account any community feedback and re-submit the proposal, or depending on the severity of the objection, scrap it completely.

So without further ado, let’s check out these six SigProps 👇

NOTE: The following SigProps are put forward by coderdan and gldnXross based on the evolving work on the game and are simply their individual opinions. They are suggesting these adjustments are worth serious consideration by the DAO. However, regardless of outcome, Pixelcraft Studios will continue to develop the game in accordance with the results of these votes.

Quorum requirement: 20% (9M GHST)
Vote duration: 7 days
XP Reward per Proposal: 10 XP per Gotchi


Author: Coderdan#8904
GotchiID: 1484
Discourse Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/gotchiverse-paatch-v0-1-thread/2791

As we were finalizing key details such as build costs and harvesting rates for the upcoming Whitepaper, we discovered that one of our key assumptions had undervalued the amount of Alchemica in each parcel relative to total supply. The patch will increase the amount of Alchemica under each parcel to match our initial Alchemica tokens’ supplies, allocations, and emissions rates.

As you can see, the originally published chart suggests the totals are for the entirety of emissions for ACT 1 (roughly the first two years of the Gotchiverse’s existence) but in fact these emissions rates per parcel type are only for the first Round of ACT 1.

Patch 0.1a updates the average allocations by roughly 4x to match our original assumptions for Act 1. Note that Act 2 and Act 3 allocations will not be affected.

Patch 0.1a maintains the original intention of our token distribution and emissions rates. So this patch doesn’t take away from allocations for ACT 2 or 3.

Option 1: Yes, implement Patch 0.1a
Option 2: No, do not implement Patch 0.1a



Author: Jesse | gldnXross#6482
GotchiID: 8497
Discourse Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/gotchiverse-paatch-v0-1-thread/2791

Although our original intention was to make boosts one-time only, it is clear that many in the community interpreted the GEO paper to mean that boosts would be replenished. This patch would allow boosts to also replenish together with the parcel itself after each Great Battle.

However, unlike parcels, the replenish rate would be a fixed amount per round. For example, a parcel with a “5” FUD boost would receive 5 servings of FUD per boost round.

Failing to implement boost replenishment alongside Patch 0.1a’s boosted tokenomics would result in a dramatically nerfed use case for surface level boosts, which is contrary to our world and auction map designs.

Like parcel replenishments, topping up boosts after each Great Battle does not take away from the original emissions intentions.

Option 1: Yes, implement Patch 0.1b
Option 2: No, do not implement Patch 0.1b



Author: Coderdan#8904
GotchiID: 1484
Discourse Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/gotchiverse-paatch-v0-1-thread/2791

Even if 0.1b is passed, boosts will still be undervalued compared to the value the market has assigned to them, relative to a similar parcel with no boosts. We propose increasing boosts by 5X to bring the value of a boost closer to what the market is currently valuing it at.

For example, instead of 1 FOMO Boost guaranteeing 500 FOMO to be farmed, a single FOMO boost would instead mean 2500 FOMO. While this may sound dramatic, it actually is a conservative option among the variety of choices available. A single FOMO Boost at 5X still pales in comparison to the amount of FOMO present in a single Spacious parcel.

The surface level Alchemica is a major feature of the world map and gameplay, so we think it makes sense to better align the messaging of the game design and presentation with the reality of the boosts. A boost without much meaning is not something we intended.

While other game features can be tweaked at any point, this is the last opportunity to right imbalances that pertain to tokenomics. It’s time to lock in the smart contracts and we think this “boost to boosts” is worthy of another draft.

Option 1: Yes, implement Patch 0.1c
Option 2: No, do not implement Patch 0.1c



Author: Jesse | gldnXross#6482
GotchiID: 8497
Discourse Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/gotchiverse-paatch-v0-1-thread/2791

The Gotchiverse Litepaper mentions that Kinship will be exchanged for a serving of Alchemica, essentially “burning” kinship. We certainly want to maintain the idea of a “kinship boost” for channeling but after thinking more deeply, we now believe there is a better way to achieve this. An “achievements” approach does not require depleting an Aavegotchi’s kinship. Instead, high kinship Aavegotchis will channel Alchemica at a slightly higher rate, depending on their achievement level.

An achievements approach is advantageous in a number of ways. Generally, achievements based rewards are far easier to understand, since variations of such are already a common mechanic within all sorts of games. Achievements are intuitive, give players specific goals and help players easily differentiate their own play from peers. In contrast, the original idea of burning kinship for Alchemica directly doesn’t deliver on any of those mentioned benefits. Instead, you either have to burn the kinship (hurting your poor Aavegotchi) or install a parallel, in-game only, kinship score that we can see becomes quite cumbersome in implementation.

Option 1: Yes, implement Patch 0.1d
Option 2: No, do not implement Patch 0.1d


Patch 0.1e — Allocate 1000 Parcels in District 27 to Pixelcraft Studios (aka Pixelcraft Square)

Author: Coderdan#8904
GotchiID: 1484
Discourse Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/gotchiverse-paatch-v0-1-thread/2791

Districts did not exist as a Citaadel concept when the Litepaper was first published. That said, we have always envisioned an area or areas for Pixelcraft to develop in-depth experiences that add value to the overall game. Likewise, one of our earliest ideas, (predating the Citaadel itself!) was to reserve a town square for real time DAO voting. The idea of having a gamified governance experience was one of the very earliest ideas seeding Aavegotchi’s need for its own virtual world.

Perhaps this is why the thought of amending the Litepaper or publishing an official change regarding district allocations slipped through the cracks. We spoke about the Pixelcraft and DAO square areas as if they’d always existed! The idea for districts partially arose out of these two “squares” along with a combination of our development tracks reinforcing one another: gameplay, map design, auction prep, and progress with the path to smart contract executed non-playable characters (NPCs).

It was no ill intent and definitely an oversight. That said, we recognize that it is indeed a big allocation and are fine with whichever way the DAO votes on keeping or removing the 1000 parcels for Pixelcraft Studios currently assigned to District 27.

Option 1: Yes, implement Patch 0.1e
Option 2: No, do not implement Patch 0.1e


Patch 0.1f — Allocate 1000 Parcels in District 30 to AavegotchiDAO (aka DAO Square)

Author: Jesse | gldnXross#6482
GotchiID: 8497
Discourse Thread: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/gotchiverse-paatch-v0-1-thread/2791

Same as 0.1e except we’re allocating 1000 Parcels in District 30 to AavegotchiDAO. Currently the DAO treasury is being held by Pixelcraft until a more formal DAO treasury management system is set up, so these parcels would be minted to this multisig until the DAO is ready to hold them.

Option 1: Yes, implement Patch 0.1f
Option 2: No, do not implement Patch 0.1f


All right frens, that’s it for this DAO extravaganza! Discuss and vote on what you believe is the correct way to move forward on these items. It’s in your hands! 🤗

As always, thanks for making AavegotchiDAO the stronkest DAO in the world.

Stay spooky,
Aavegotchi team




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