[VOTE] When Haunt 2? + Making Haunts More Unique

7 min readMar 17, 2021

It’s been two weeks since Aavegotchi Haunt 1 went live, with overwhelming demand leading to an almost instant SOLD OUT.

In those two weeks, many DAOists have taken to Discord, Snapshot, and the DAO forum to discuss options for Haunt 2, and future Haunts beyond.

In accordance with the COCOON system laid out previously, we have compiled the most popular and widely discussed Signal Proposals and ideas, and upgraded them into two Core Proposals.

**Note: Since the COCOON plan had not been published when many of the Snapshot proposals were created, we are grandfathering them in as proposal options. However, in the future all Snapshot Signal proposals should be linked to a dao.aavegotchi.com discussion topic with multiple participants!

These Core Votes begin immediately and will last for seven days each. Please read the details below carefully and then cast your vote!

Before we move on to the vote, we are excited to confirm that the first season of Rarity Farming will begin on April 20. This important information may factor into your voting plans. Revenue sharing from Haunt 1 sales and wearables has delivered 1.4 Million GHST to the Rarity Farming rewards pool. If a second Haunt is supported, the same 40% revenue share will go toward the same rewards pool. In such a case, we find it prudent to cap the first season rewards at a comfy 2 Million GHST and any additional funds in the pool will go to Season 2. More details on Rarity Farming coming soon!

VOTE 1: AGIP4 — Proposal for Haunt 2


10,000 Portals is arguably not enough to satisfy the current level of demand for Aavegotchis. Therefore it may be necessary to deploy a new Haunt to ensure that all who want to participate can own an Aavegotchi. This Core Proposal provides four different options that have been suggested by community members, including one option not to create a new Haunt.


Vote Type: Galaxy
Required Quorum: 2.75M GHST (20% of eligible GHST on Polygon)
Vote Differential: 20%
XP Reward: 20 XP for each claimed Aavegotchi at airdrop time (April 1)


Option 1 — No new haunt, Revisit in a month

Signal Proposal: https://snapshot.org/#/aavegotchi.eth/proposal/QmUCCJwD14zfoFpfqEpvav71A7WdrNF2Vtx3LSRm26zUSm

If this option passes, we will plan to revisit the question of Haunt 2 one month from now.

Potential benefits:
Supply is maintained while more energy can be invested in other aspects of the Aavegotchi ecosystem.

Potential risks:
Opportunity for growth may be damaged. “You miss all the shots you don’t take.”

Option 2–10K Portals, 100 GHST each, 1 per txn

Relevant DAO Discussion Topic: https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/launch-proposal-2nd-genesis-haunt-by-sat-march-6th-10k-drop-1-2-per-txn/648/9

If this option passes, a new Haunt 2 drop will be scheduled for April 6th, 2021 with the above parameters.

Potential benefits:
Dramatically limiting the number of portals per transaction should go a long way to making sure more people are able to score at least one.

Potential risks:
10k may not be enough to satisfy demand and we may very well end up with a large number of potential gamers stuck on the outside as Rarity Farming Season 1 approaches.

Option 3–25K portals, 100 GHST each, 5 per txn (w/ stricter ape tax)

If this option passes, a new Haunt 2 drop will be scheduled for April 6th, 2021 with the above parameters. Each Portal will cost 100 GHST if purchased one at a time. However, an Ape Tax penalty will be applied for quantities of 2–5, with the following schedule:

1: 100 GHST each

2–3: 300 GHST each

4–5: 500 GHST each

Potential benefits:
Greater supply maximizes participation and allows any players who want a Portal to get one. Being the largest scale choice, this will also fund the DAO, Pixelcraft and the Rarity Farming rewards pool the most.

Potential risks:
It is fair to say that growing bigger, faster will introduce new challenges. This is basically the big league option and requires trust in the community and infrastructure to be ready for the next level of scale. However, it should be noted that we are very close to pushing new improvements to the Baazaar that will allow for filtering, sorting, and paging.

Endorsement notice: This is the preferred option of Pixelcraft, as it allows anyone to get a Portal while also allowing the DAO to focus on other issues, instead of immediately asking “Wen Haunt 3?” If this option is selected, we would not expect a third Haunt for at least several months.

Option 4 — Pre-sale, in which each wallet can subscribe for 1 Portal in exchange for 100 GHST. When the pre-sale period closes, all Portals are minted and transferred to their owners.

Relevant DAO Discussion topics:

Snapshot Proposals:

This proposal integrates the spirit of the above Proposals, which is to ensure that anyone who wants a Portal can get one. Pixelcraft would need to dedicate notable development time and energy to implement a Web2 database system that tracks all of the pre-sale purchases. The final size of the Haunt would also not be known until the pre-sale period has ended.

Although other proposals suggested using specific block snapshots to whitelist certain addresses to enter a pre-sale, we believe this approach violates the principles of “fair distribution” because it excludes the majority of participants in favor of a small group.

Potential benefits:
This option can most benefit those who missed out on Haunt 1 and want to ensure they have an Aavegotchi for Rarity Farming Season 1.

Potential risks:
This option represents the most significant departure from the typical “NFT Drop” style. There is a risk that this will generate less excitement and therefore less exposure and growth opportunities. Technical risks may also be introduced since we would be relying on more Web2 infrastructure.

VOTE NOW: https://snapshot.org/#/aavegotchi.eth/proposal/QmNqRry73rWXb9tdyHummihcK58ga83Ru15AJRF3beFJ35

VOTE 2: AGIP5 — Give unique non-transferable Background to equip on all Haunt 1 Aavegotchis


Many players are worried that Haunt 2 will be too similar to Haunt 1 and the newly-created Haunts will devalue the “Genesis” Haunt. One of the suggestions is to give special backgrounds to each Haunt to make them easily identifiable. This proposal has seen excellent discussion and significant support on the associated Snapshot. Note that irrespective of the DAO’s decision on this issue, all Aavegotchis will be getting special non-transferable “Haunt” badges that identify their Haunt. This proposal focuses specifically on the idea of a non-transferable background that can be equipped in the Aavegotchi’s BG wearable slot.

Note that the background does NOT give trait modifiers or BRS bonuses. It is just for show.


Vote type: Galaxy
Required Quorum: 2.75M GHST (20% of eligible GHST on Polygon)
Vote Differential: 15%
XP Reward: 20 XP for each claimed Aavegotchi at airdrop time (April 1)


Option 1 — Only Haunt 1 should get a special background

Potential benefits:
This option potentially gives Haunt 1 a significant “collector’s advantage” over future Haunts.

Potential risks:
Future Haunts could be looked at as “second class” if they do not also have associated backgrounds.

Option 2 — Each Haunts should have it’s own unique background

Potential benefits:
This option would give each Haunt (including Haunt 1) its own unique non-transferable background.

Potential risks:

Option 3 — Neither, leave it as is

Potential benefits:
Maintains the status quo.

Potential risks:
Continues the discussion of how to make Haunt 1 unique, which diverts time from new topics.

Vote Now: https://snapshot.org/#/aavegotchi.eth/proposal/QmfBrnUmfsX57vXWchr1mUNkqMWNeF6edEqdQq11MCvMHJ


Please consider all the options carefully before casting your votes. Follow links, spend some time chatting in the Discord and ask any questions to help find a conclusion that you believe is the best way forward for Aavegotchi in the short term.

We’re thrilled for all participation. Every vote is an injection of quantifiable energy and we love to see it!

Welcome to Aavegotchi V1.5 aka COCOON!

Stay spooky frens,

Team Pixelcraft




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