Vote with GHST! AavegotchiDAO’s Inaugural Proposal Opens Oct. 15

The AavegotchiDAO Crest

DAICO for Fair Funding

Just as Aavegotchi is pushing boundaries in regards to NFTs and composability, we are also very happy to be leading by example with the DAO + ICO model (DAICO). From the start we knew a project of Aavegotchi’s scale needed proper funding, but we didn’t want to do an ICO. The ICO model’s failure seems to be inherent to its nature. When large amounts of funding arrive in a very short amount of time, even well-intentioned teams become less efficient, and ill-intentioned teams simply run away with the funds.

There are 7.5 million DAI in the bonding curve reserve

How to Vote

Voting takes place at

AavegotchiDAO Proposal 1: Tap Increase for Scaling Sprint

The first month since launching the GHST bonding curve has seen a number of milestones achieved across key metrics including:

Community growth

  • 7000+ followers on @Aavegotchi Twitter
  • 5000+ members of Aavegotchi Discord
  • 200+ posts on newly launched subreddit r/aavegotchi
  • 800+ Active Aagents completing 8 or more community missions
  • Winning #1 in the OKex DeFi x NFT tokens competition

GHST Token

  • 5000+ wallets holding GHST token
  • GHST Uniswap liquidity growing by an avg 77% week to week
  • GHST listed on over a dozen crypto exchanges
  • GHST listing on global exchange OKex
  • Staking mechanism developed and deployed to testnet

Game Development

  • Ultra-transparent development journey launched on Kovan
  • Both buying portals and opening portals deployed on Kovan
  • Over 350 wearables and in game items finalized
  • Realm metaverse development has begun
  • Multiple Layer 2 solutions trialed and way forward ready TBD
  • GHST staking audit from tier 1 smart contract auditors underway

Engage Thrusters, it’s time to grow!

The enthusiasm of the Aavegotchi community confirms there is demand for a robust and fully realized vision of Aavegotchi for mainnet (and layer 2) launch. To do so, the team needs to scale by hiring more talent, collaborating with more partners, and reaching new markets.

  • A game maker’s fund so we can solidify terms with key game developers.
  • Additional contracts for key positions in marketing, design, and development.
  • A marketing boost to make sure Aavegotchi’s presence is expanded.
  • Community rewards so we can continue to develop programs (like the Aartists and Aaprentices teams) that incentivize the most inspired in our community.

A word on liquidity support

This tap increase will also help us to continue contributing GHST liquidity directly to places the community desires such as Uniswap. Without a tap increase, we will definitely not be able to contribute significant funds from the tap to Uniswap liquidity.

What about GHST staking? Can I stake and vote?

Our GHST Staking contract is currently being audited and should finish up in the next few days. Once the vote is complete, if the audit is complete and no exploits are discovered, staking will launch immediately on Mainnet.

What happens if the proposal doesn’t pass?

If the quorum is not met, or the community votes NO, then the tap will remain at 50,000 DAI / 30 days. If you love Aavegotchi and want to see it succeed, we hope that you will vote YES to support the work the core team is doing.

See the DAO, Be the DAO

The proposal will be launched Thursday, October 15 at 10am Singapore Time (GMT+8) and discussion of the proposal will primarily take place in the #DAO channel on Aavegotchi Discord.



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