Wen Haunt 2? CoreProp Voting is live!

  • Are you pumped to shill Aavegotchi to your frens, but need a good opportunity?
  • Are you ready to invite the exponentially growing Polygon user base to the Gotchiverse?
  • Does the largest #Bid2Earn auction ever sound like an epic highlight of the crypto year?
  • Quantity: 15k Haunt 2 Portal NFTs
  • Distribution: 80% #Bid2Earn auction / 20% Drop Tickets Raffle
  • New Collaterals: 3 new collateral themes (WBTC, MATIC and WETH)
  • New Eye Shapes: 2 exclusive new eye shapes, just for Haunt 2
  • “Rookie” Leaderboards: Two new leaderboards for Haunt 2 Aavegotchis to compete in
  • Rarity Farming Rewards: 40% of auction revenue funds Rarity Farming, just like H1

Haunt 2 Be or Not To Be

The #1 question within our social channels is consistently, “Wen Haunt 2”? So much so that our native NFT marketplace, The Baazaar, rarely sees Closed Portals sell for under 800 GHST. This is typical price discovery for successful “10k avatar” type projects, but Aavegotchi has much more to offer than a profile picture. Our vision is for far wider adoption of playable NFTs, and the first step to achieving that means leaving the scarcity memes behind and focusing on being able to offer meaningfully unique experiences to more people.

In Conclusion

The growth of the Gotchi economy means that digital scarcity has its place but is not the ultimate goal. We are offering a carefully balanced approach with unique attributes retained for Haunt 1 Aavegotchis while also expanding accessibility and user growth as we barrel toward The Gotchiverse Realm and wider awareness and adoption of playable NFTs and DeFi.

Stay spooky frens,

Aavegotchi team



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