Wen Haunt 2? CoreProp Voting is live!

Momentum is building for a new generation of Aavegotchis!

  • Are you pumped to shill Aavegotchi to your frens, but need a good opportunity?

If you answered YESS, then you are probably part of the > 90% of AavegotchiDAO voting power that supported the recent Haunt 2 Signal Proposal!

The SigProp for a “Haunt 2” issuance of 15,000 new Portal NFTs passed last week with overwhelming support and a blockbuster 9.38 Million GHST voting power — partly thanks to the inclusion of Aavegotchis and Wearables as voting power, but mainly just because the people have spoken!

Today, we are launching The Haunt 2 CoreProp, open for voting on this extremely important topic over the next 7 days. The proposal maintains all of the original Haunt 2 SigProp’s key details including:

  • Quantity: 15k Haunt 2 Portal NFTs


The only significant change from the previous SigProp to this CoreProp is the addition of an amendment in regards to the Rarity Farming Season 2 Rewards Cap, inspired by a very active thread on the DAO discussion forum.

The change reads as follows:

Because rarity farming seasons are primarily funded by Portal NFT sales, the H2 SigProp needed to address reward distribution adjustments. This CoreProp maintains the same cap increase (Season 1’s 1.4 million GHST increased to 2 million GHST) but with one explicit caveat:

The rewards cap is completely amendable by the DAO and we encourage more proposals for what the Season 2 revenue cap should be (before or after any Haunt 2 auction).

Many community members have expressed that they would prefer the Rarity Farming Rewards Cap to be decided later, so we are honoring that by encouraging the community to put forth some Signal Proposals on this issue. The DAO is encouraged to deliver an AGIP that can change this cap.

Haunt 2 Be or Not To Be

The #1 question within our social channels is consistently, “Wen Haunt 2”? So much so that our native NFT marketplace, The Baazaar, rarely sees Closed Portals sell for under 800 GHST. This is typical price discovery for successful “10k avatar” type projects, but Aavegotchi has much more to offer than a profile picture. Our vision is for far wider adoption of playable NFTs, and the first step to achieving that means leaving the scarcity memes behind and focusing on being able to offer meaningfully unique experiences to more people.

The conversation for this CoreProp continues in a new forum thread titled CoreProp: Haunt 2. The vote is set to last for 7 days. Upon reaching quorum and a majority of support, we will see the contents of the vote upgraded to a binding AGIP11. Our dev team is already hard at work preparing the changes listed above, and have given a soft launch date of the H2 #Bid2Earn Auction mid-August, followed shortly by the Raffle.

If the vote fails to reach quorum or reach consensus, we will again table Haunt 2 until further notice. It would likely not come up again until some time in Q3 or later depending on circumstances and the signals received by the wider community.

Like always, all voters in a CoreProp that reaches quorum will receive 20 XP for their #GotchiGang!


In Conclusion

The growth of the Gotchi economy means that digital scarcity has its place but is not the ultimate goal. We are offering a carefully balanced approach with unique attributes retained for Haunt 1 Aavegotchis while also expanding accessibility and user growth as we barrel toward The Gotchiverse Realm and wider awareness and adoption of playable NFTs and DeFi.

We look forward to your vote in any direction! And remember, your voting power now is informed by your GHST balance, your Aavegotchis and your wearables. See you in the Snapshot voting booth!

Stay spooky frens,

Aavegotchi team



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