Why Aavegotchi Chose Polygon

Ask Matic Anything (AMA)

Out of all the projects discussed on the TGM server during the DeFi boom’s first wave, notably, only one showed up to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.

Launch D(el)ay

As soon as the new year came, the crypto markets turned hectic again. The bull was back, and with it the extremely high transaction fees seen in September.

Reason 1: Sufficient Decentralization

Unlike many NFT projects, Aavegotchi NFTs contain real financial value, distinct from the speculative value of the NFT itself. Each Aavegotchi is staked with interest-bearing “aTokens” generated from Aave’s lending pool on Ethereum, that are 1:1 convertible for underlying tokens such as DAI, USDT, LINK, and AAVE.

Reason 2: EVM-Compatibility

One of our criteria for picking a viable L2 option is that it must be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the contracts that run on it. Most L2 solutions do not fit this criteria. Some solutions have created their own languages, or require rewriting into languages like Rust. The only L2 scaling solutions that offer EVM-compatibility are Polygon, xDAI, and Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM). So that narrowed it down, a lot.

Reason 3: Production readiness

Aavegotchi was ready to launch yesterday. Delaying our launch to wait for a solution like OVM or ETH Phase 2 to come fully online would hurt community morale and weaken our momentum. The world needs DeFi-backed pixel avatars NOW, even if they don’t know it yet.

Reason 4: Growing network effect

The total volume locked (TVL) on Polygon is growing quickly. As of publishing, it has already reached $200+ million, compared to xDAI’s $16 million. High gas costs are forcing projects on Ethereum to seriously consider migrating to L2, and as Polygon’s network effect grows, the incentive to migrate to Polygon will become ever stronger.

Reason 5: Great Developer Ecosystem

Polygon’s mechanism for bridging is extremely flexible. Recently, Aavegotchi Core Summoner Nick Mudge bridged Aave’s interest-bearing aTokens onto Matic/Polygon via a special customized bridge that allows them to retain their interest while on L2. It’s incredibly easy for existing protocols to begin moving their assets onto L2.

Reason 6: Interoperability with other NFT projects

Polygon has a growing list of NFT dApps launched or planning to launch soon. A full list can be seen on their website, but some of our favorites are: Decentraland, Somnium Space, Zed Run, Terra Virtua, and Niftex. Notably, the NFT market OpenSea is launching on Polygon as well.

LFG! (Let’s Forge Greatness!)

Our community is very satisfied with our decision to launch on Polygon and is eagerly awaiting the game to launch. In fact, our users barely noticed the transition due to the familiar experience: the process of bridging tokens from Ethereum to Matic/Polygon is intuitive and as user-friendly as it gets, while infrastructure solutions like Quickswap DEX provided liquidity mining incentives to attract our users to their platform. There is one difference that truly catches the eye, however: the transactions are virtually free and much faster.



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