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5 min readJul 2, 2021

New Raffle Tickets have launched for two big upcoming NFT Drops!

The Gotchiverse Realm Litepaper was recently published, offering the first details for Aavegotchi’s virtual world. The unique approach to land parcels (REALM) with gamified yield farming is paving the way for what amounts to be the world’s first DeFi RPG. Excitement for the game’s vision is high, but is tempered with concern for accessibility. Filled to the brim with Alchemica (ERC20 tokens), just how pricey are these REALM parcels going to be?

Previous Aavegotchi NFT drops utilized the “First Come First Serve” model, which favors those with the fastest internet connection and best time zone. This drop model is stressful for all involved (especially the devs!) and even “successful” drops leave the majority feeling left out.

This is why we have decided to move away from the “traditional” FCFS model, towards a new model known as the GBM Auction, or in our own words, a “Bid2Earn Aauction”.

In a “Bid2Earn” GBM auction, a participant can earn GHST by participating, even if they do not win the NFT. First pioneered by Cryptographs back in 2019, the GBM auction is a patent-pending system, and Pixelcraft Studios has officially been licensed to use it for all Aavegotchi NFT Drops, including Haunt 2, REALM, and even Wearables.

This revolutionary auction model solves many problems inherent to the popular FCFS drops, but they naturally, still favor those with the most capital to invest.

To balance this, we have decided to raffle off a whopping 20% of Haunt 2 Portals and 20% of REALM Parcels in Presale #1, via our famous Chainlink-powered Raffles.

But instead of having six ticket types, you’ll only need one. Enter the “Drop Ticket”, a new raffle ticket specifically used for raffling portals and REALM parcels.

Drop Tickets 101

What is a Drop Ticket?

Drop Tickets are one-time-use Raffle Tickets that offer a single chance at winning a prize. The more Drop Tickets you enter into a raffle, the higher your chances of coming away a winner.

There is no maximum supply of Drop Tickets, and entering a Drop Ticket into a Raffle removes it from the floating supply.

Entering your Drop Tickets

Like previous Aavegotchi NFT Raffles, Drop Ticket Raffles will last 72 hours, during which you can enter your Drop Tickets. At the conclusion of 72 hours, entries will automatically be closed, and anyone can engage the Chainlink VRF (random number generator) to generate the winners. The random inputs will lead to the discovery of winners and NFTs in the prize pool can be claimed to victorious wallets. In about a minute’s time, everyone will learn what they have or have not won.

There are a few ways to acquire Drop Tickets.

Method 1: Stake GHST, earn FRENS, exchange for Tickets

Have GHST tokens? Make sure to visit and start earning FRENS points by staking GHST or GHST LP pair tokens. These FRENS are not tokens but point balances that can be exchanged for any of the various Aavegotchi raffle tickets. In this case, you’ll want the black Drop Tickets.

Visit and you’ll see your FRENS balance in the upper left corner. Then you’ll see that each Drop Ticket costs 10,000 FRENS. After purchasing any raffle ticket, you’ll see an option to “list in the baazaar” appear. This brings us to our second option.

The Aavegotchi Buy Tickets page

Method 2: Buy/sell Drop Tickets in the Baazaar NFT marketplace

No time for staking and wanna just cut to the chase? Head to and you can find the going rates for both buying and selling Drop Tickets, among other things.

Method 3: Convert from other ticket types

If you have other raffle tickets and regret buying them instead of waiting for the new Drop Tickets, don’t worry! You can also swap them out for more Drop Tickets. Just head to and easily convert your old tickets into Drop Tickets, at a rate of 10,000 FRENS per ticket.

Do note that you cannot convert fractions of a ticket!

Method 4: Share the Gotchiverse Realm LitePaper via referral program (coming soon)

We recently announced a referral program that makes it super easy for you to share the new litepaper with your gamer and crypto friends in exchange for more Drop Tickets. This program got off to too hot of a start and is currently paused. Follow us for updates as this program will soon reopen!

Win H2 Portals and REALM parcels

Just how many NFTs are being raffled via Drop Tickets? The total number of Haunt 2 portals is not yet decided (that’s up to AavegotchiDAO) but we suspect it to be north of 10,000. That means we can expect a minimum of 2,000 Haunt 2 portals to be raffled!

The first Presale of REALM parcels is slated for a total of 20,000 REALM of varying sizes (humble, moderately-sized, and spacious). That means you can look forward to 4,000 REALM Parcels being raffled via Drop Tickets. The Drop Ticket REALM raffle is slated to open shortly following the conclusion of REALM Presale #1 Aauction, currently scheduled for mid Q3.

Drop Tickets are already live!

As of this moment, Drop Tickets are now live at Check them out and join the Aavegotchi Discord, Telegram, or Reddit to stay updated on this and all the latest news related to upcoming Raffles and NFT Drops!

Stay spooky frens,

Pixelcraft Team




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