Aalpha Leak — Aavegotchi April Community Call

Part I: Team Building

Time (SGT)

Topic: “Digital economy and IP expert joins Pixelcraft Studios”

Who: Introducing new Aadvisor, Les Borsai

Topic: “Aavegotchi as a Protocol”

Who: Introducing your local dev evangelists, Coyote & Candoizo

Topic: “Wearables Supply Analytics”

Who: LetsGoBankless

Part II: Collaborations

Topic: “First Aavegotchi bridged to Ethereum and sharded by Unicly”

Who: Unic.ly

Topic: “Baazaar NFT Market expansion”

Who: Manta of Artvatars

Topic: “Discord x Aavegotchi super-connections”

Who: James of Collab.land

Topic: “More mini-games and critical tooling”

Who: Haaunt.com

Topic: “Miami Crypto EXP x Aavegotchi”

Who: BTCQueen of BitBasel

Part III: AavegotchiDAO

DAO notes:

  1. “CoreProp for 0.5% Baazaar fee dedicated to rewards pool” — Passed and will be implemented soon.
  2. Next CoreProp potentials include “Aavegotchis for voting power”
  3. Name squatters, especially of @name style gotchis, are warned about squatting enforcement and potential DAO arbitration of any future disputes.
  4. Very brief image of Realm WIP leaked. The contents appeared to be a vaporwave-grid with some Gotchis floating around. Hmm…
  5. Open lines featured CoderDan and gldnXross chatting with community members about various ongoing threads on dao.aavegotchi.com and touched on the topic of what’s left to explore within COCOON V1.5.



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