View your Gotchi fren in 360°, 100% onchain!

Another day, another ship! Today we are excited to announce that Aavegotchi side views have been launched and are viewable on the Aavegotchi UI and smart contract.

Keep reading to learn how to view them, and about the exciting possibilities this new feature unlocks!

18 brand new Wearables are up for grabs in the fifth edition of Aavegotchi Raffles

It’s Raffle time — a time-honored tradition where Gotchi whales and minnows alike kneel before the Aaltar of VRF for a chance to win the Wearable of their dreams. From common to Godlike, all wearables in Raffle #5 are completely new designs and will only be distributed via this event!

Are you staking GHST? Better yet, are you LPing with GHST? If the answer is yes, you’ve probably got a decent stack of FRENS points to convert to Raffle Tickets!

If the answer is no…

A look at what to expect in Aavegotchi from now til 2022

Last weekend’s Haunt 2 Auction was a major success for Aavegotchi fans worldwide. We saw a nearly 50% increase in the amount of wallets holding Aavegotchi NFTs (2500 to 3600) and an incredible 1,700,000 USD worth of GHST rewards paid in real-time to GBM Auction participants. Already, 3776 Aavegotchi’s have been summoned from Haunt 2 Portals with more being summoned with each passing day.

The largest ever bid-to-earn auction is coming Aug 26–29 with new Aavegotchis and wearables!

Over 25,000 Auctions…

Happening in realtime…

With #BidToEarn Incentives…


If you’ve been waiting on the sidelines, here’s the latest chance to secure your spot in #GotchiGang — the frenliest 100% on-chain community in crypto today.

Visit today to make sure you’re ready with a Polygon connected wallet and GHST balance, then keep reading for the ultimate prime on everything H2!

Making History … Aagain

AavegotchiDAO recently voted to issue a new Haunt of Aavegotchi-summoning Portals, prompting Aavegotchi Lead Summoner Coderdan to ask the…

Join the first hackathon dedicated to the intersection of NFTs and indie gaming. 10k in prizes and valuable hands-on training await!

If you have ever wanted to build your own blockchain enhanced mini-game, today is your opportunity to make it a reality! Experienced developers and hobbyists alike are invited to join the Aavegotchi Game Jaam throughout the first week of September. Play-to-earn gaming is on the cusp of going mainstream so why not add NFT game making to your skillset?

Anyone can build with Aavegotchi NFTs

Aavegotchi visual elements and traits exist 100% on the Polygon blockchain. …

Why GHST is the perfect collateral for DeFi

Recently, Aavegotchi Lead Summoner Coderdan created an ARC to list GHST on the Aave Polygon Market, and started a campaign to delegate Proposition Power (PP) to create a governance proposal.

In this blog post, we elucidate why we believe GHST would make an excellent collateral for DeFi lending protocols such as Aave.

As more and more frens are discovering the potential of GHST, it’s a perfect time to share an overview of this unique token — especially as framed through its relation to DeFi. …

A Massive #BidToEarn auction of 12,000 new Aavegotchis is coming this August!

It’s the middle of NFT Summer, and while everyone’s busy ogling over the latest scarcity meme PFP craze, based AavegotchiDAO recently voted to bring 15,000 new Aavegotchis into the Ether Realm via Haunt 2!

Scarcity is great, but not when it gets in the way of adoption, so we applaud the DAO’s courage to break from the “Only 10,000” meme and take a leap into the unknown.

Haunt 1 launched in March of this year, selling out 10,000 Aavegotchi Portals in under a minute via a first come…

Bid2Earn auction, DinoSwap GHST-ETH liquidity rewards, Haunt 2 Proposal and moar!

Hello frens! July was another big month for Aavegotchi!

  • NEW Drop Tickets
  • 1st Birthday Party!
  • First Ever #Bid2Earn Aauction
  • DinoSwap GHST-ETH Liquidity Rewards
  • Haunt 2 Core Proposal PASSED
  • Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights
  • Venly Exclusive NFT Drop
  • Pixelcraft Studios Team Growth

Keep reading for all the scrumptious deets!

Win Big with NEW Drop Tickets

Claim exclusive Haunt 1 backgrounds for your #GotchiGang

The wait is finally over! Many months ago, AavegotchiDAO voted to give Haunt 1 Aavegotchis special backgrounds to cement their OG status, and today that feature has finally been shipped.

Like all Gotchi wearables, these 100% on-chain backgrounds are displayed on the main dashboard, Baazaar NFT marketplace listings, and across any public leaderboards when equipped.

The Unfilled Slot

Since the March 2021 launch, each Aavegotchi’s equipping dashboard has shown a total of eight slots for wearables to be equipped.

  • Body
  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Head
  • Right Hand
  • Left Hand
  • Pet
  • Background

Another galaxy brain joins the Aavegotchi development team

Frens, we’re thrilled to confirm that Mauvis Ledford, former CTO at CoinMarketCap (CMC), has joined Aavegotchi’s Pixelcraft Studios as Technical Advisor. Mauvis will play a lead role in scaling The Gotchiverse Realm so that tens of thousands of players can simultaneously enjoy the exciting virtual world when it goes live later this year.

Mauvis is one of the world’s foremost experts at scaling platforms for maximum capacity. During CoinMarketCap’s critical growth years, Mauvis was instrumental in improving internal systems so that the crypto data-aggregator could grow to be one of the most…


DeFi-enabled Crypto Collectibles Collect, compete, and combine your Aavegotchis for the ultimate gamified DeFi experience! Powered by @aaveaave.

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