Aavegotchi Community Update #14

Hey frens! Days come and go, but the curve is forever! Let’s recap what happened this week at Aavegotchi.

This Week’s Highlights

Stake GHST, Make FRENS staking campaign live on Mainnet!

On October 21, we successfully deployed our GHST staking contracts onto Ethereum Mainnet! Within a few hours, over 10 million worth of GHST and GHST-ETH LP tokens were staked into the contract!

While that number has since subsided a bit, there are still more than 6 million GHST tokens and more than 25,000 GHST-ETH LP tokens staked, earning round 8.5 millions FRENS each day!

Great success!

Full Prize List announced for Nov. 10 Raffle

This week we also announced that the first Raffle for Aavegotchi Wearable Vouchers will be held on November 10, and will last 72 hours.

The full prize list is available here: https://aavegotchi.medium.com/prizes-quantities-for-nov-10-raffle-revealed-faq-86ea6f644c5c

Announcing the Mission 9 Contest Winners

Mission 9 received over 150 entries, with some exceptional pieces of content created by our Aavegotchi Aagents. But since we have to pick our favorites, we’ve selected these six as the winners. Thanks to all our Aagents for participating!


First Place 🏅: How to Get Started with Aavegotchi, by esveebee

Second Place 🥈: Aavegotchi 2 Minute Guide by DogGodFrogLog

Third place 🥉: Anon finds Aavegotchi by Moon

Runner up: Aavegotchi Only Neo Can see it


First place 🏅: Aavegotchi: Frenly Farming in the Fall by appelants

Second place 🥈: Get rich or die playing by letsgobankless

Third place: Aavegotchi on Kovan Testnet is Here! [Step-by-Step-guide] by buzzlightyear

Runner Up: Aavegotchi: Making your Virtual Pets work hard for you! by unintelligentnerd

No new Mission this week. Instead…a Halloween Paarty!

You didn’t think we would forget to celebrate Halloween, did ya?? Halloween is the bread and butter of Aavegotchi. Some would even argue we were born to celebrate it!

When: Friday, Oct 30 (4pm UTC / 12 Noon EST / 12 Midnight SGT)
Where: Discord Aavegotchi Server
Whats up: Live music / Aavegotchi Costume Contest / Team AMA / Special Guest

Anyone can participate in the costume contest and be eligible to win a chunk of over 300 GHST in prize money. Here’s how:

1. Dress up an Aavegotchi as you see fit (pixel art, photoshop, napkin drawings, any format you’re comfortable with).

2. Email your jpeg/png/svg to jesse@aavegotchi.com or DM the image to @gldnxross on Telegram.

Then be sure to join the party next weekend to see yours and all other costumes revealed live. The costumes with the most emojis support win!

First place: 150 GHST
Second place: 100 GHST
Third place: 50 GHST

Watch: Yieldfarmer Farmer Alf Reveals His Latest Strategy for MASSIVE Gains

That’s it for this week’s update frens.

See you at the party — spooky af!
Aavegotchi Team



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DeFi-enabled Crypto Collectibles Collect, compete, and combine your Aavegotchis for the ultimate gamified DeFi experience! Powered by @aaveaave.