Aavegotchi Community Update #16

This week’s updates include:

  • Raffle #2 date + prizes confirmed
  • Aave invests in Pixelcraft Studios
  • OKex withdrawals reopen
  • Aavegotchi nominated twice at 2020 NFT Awards
  • Aavegotchi Wiki is live!
  • New Mission — The Hive Mind
  • Dev Update — Smart contracts almost ready for audit
  • Aaround the Block: Matic fest, HK blockchain week, and community fan fiction
  • We’re Hiring! — A game developer

Aave-themed wearables Raffle confirmed for December 8–11

Aanticipation has been building for the second raffle and hopefully you’re as excited as we are. This raffle’s wearables are inspired by the Aavengers Aave fam and their leadership team. Not all superheros wear capes, and in this case, some of DeFi’s greatest heroes tend to hold “REKT” signs and have boats as pets (that’s right, the Godlike Aave Boat wearable is technically equipped in the Aavegotchi’s “pet” layer!)

Aave takes stake in Aavegotchi’s Pixelcraft Studios

We couldn’t ask for a better partner in creating Aavegotchi than the DeFi giants at Aave. It’s been a long time coming and we’re so pleased to have the ink dry on their support of Aavegotchi’s core dev team, Pixelcraft Studios.

We will, sers

OKex withdrawals have reopened

The digital assets exchange OKex has finally reopened withdrawals for all types of tokens on their platform. That means all who were stuck there and wishing to stake GHST to make FRENS are now able to do so!

Aavegotchi nominated twice at 2020 NFT Awards

Aavegotchi has an Official Wiki Now!

If you’re active in our aamazing Discord chat, you may have seen @coderdannn dropping hints about a new role available — the Aarchiver.

This Week’s Mission — Hive Mind

You’ve read the litepaper…
You’ve invited countless frens
You’ve shilled relentlessly on Twitter…

  1. Navigate to the newly-launched Aavegotchi Wiki at https://wiki.aavegotchi.com
  2. Pick a page that interests you (or a few) and read it thoroughly, with a Beginner’s Mind.
  3. Think to yourself, if I were just learning about Aavegotchi, would this make sense to me? Would it be helpful?
  4. Write down at least two constructive suggestions for edits to the Wiki into a text document. Make them as clear and detailed as possible. Make sure to include the page name your suggestions apply to.
  5. Screenshot your suggestions and send them into the #mission-report11📖 channel on Discord to claim your level up!
Post your screenshot into mission-report11📖

Dev Updates

Coderdannn and Mudgen are working round-the-clock (literally, in two time zones!) to deliver the smart contracts in time for our audit, scheduled for early December.

Aaround the Block

The World’s First Chainlink x Aavegotchi Fanfic

Anon and the Green Ticket is an aawesome fanfiction written by our community’s own Appellants (read more of Appellants’ work at Hackernoon).

Coderdannn @ NFTFest Panel Discussion

Gldnxross @ Hong Kong Blockchain Week

We’re Hiring! — A Game Developer

Pixelcraft recently launched a Linkedin page, and we celebrated with a hiring advertisement.




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