Anon and the Green Ticket

4 min readNov 20, 2020

An Aavegotchi ❤ Chainlink Fan Fiction
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Based. On a true story.

“Hey fren, did ya hear about the Aavegotchi Raffle takin’ place tomorrow?” The innkeeper pressed a flyer into Anon’s palm.

“There are some pretty great Chainlink themed prizes. Maybe you’ll get lucky.”

Luck. The mention of it seemed like a cruel joke now. The world looked so different under the light of a red candle. And Chainlink? He’d rather not think about it — in a single night, he’d lost everything mistakenly shorting the coin. His dignity, his Reddit karma, and all his life savings.

All that remained of his halcyon degen days was a handful of FRENS earned from staking GHST, just enough ETH to make one final transaction, and the hope of better days to come.

Shaking his head somberly, Anon turned away from the portly innkeeper and shuffled back to his room for the night, wondering if he had enough to pay for the next.

ANON!” a voice boomed from the darkness.

Anon’s eyes snapped open, searching for its source.

“LOOK ALIVE, ANON!” the voice boomed again.

Through the darkness, Anon could faintly make out a figure. He squinted furiously, unsure if this was some kind of psyop. Wasn’t everything?

The shadows receded, replaced by a flash of brilliant green light.

Then, all of a sudden, the figure leapt into the air. Anon watched in awe as it soared higher and higher before spiraling towards him like a meteor.

It was then that he realized the figure wasn’t human — it was a grinning green frog.

“Don’t believe the Zeus Capital FUD! BUY LINK OR STAY POOR!” the frog bellowed, before crashing into Anon and exploding into a mass of green goo.

Anon woke up with a start, relieved to realize it was just a dream. Yet, it felt more than a mere dream in some ways — he just couldn’t place a finger on it.

Green frog, green goo, green light… Even colors were taunting him now. How long had it been since he’d seen a green candle?

He felt something inside his hand. It was the crumpled flier from the night before, advertising the types of raffle tickets available. He smoothed it out and took a closer look. The vibrantly colored stubs swam before his sleepy eyes, but one in particular jumped out.

Of course it did. It was green.

Godlike Ticket. 50,000 FRENS Each.
Prizes: 5x LINK Cube, 5x Blue Plaid shirt.

He stared at the ceiling in silence. Maybe this was the sign he had been hoping for. What more did he have to lose anyway? He didn’t need any money to enter. All he needed were his FRENS.

“That’ll be 50,000, sir. You’d better run — the raffle is almost beginning.” Anon nodded to the ticket seller as he handed over his entire collection of FRENS, in exchange for a single green sheet. There was something special about the ticket — Anon could already feel it.

Electricity coursing through his veins, he sprinted to the town hall, where the raffle was taking place. Pushing past the throngs of people, he passed his ticket and the last of his ETH to the tiny fox guarding the raffle tumbler.

“Any more tickets? No? Then we’ll draw the winners.”

Anon held his breath for what felt like an eternity as a hush fell on the crowd.

“All done! Check your wallets — if you won something, you’ll find a voucher that you can redeem for your prize.”

Anon peeked into his wallet, unsure if he should even allow himself the luxury of hope.

Sure enough, it was empty.

Anon trudged back to the inn, his thoughts racing. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but it statistically made sense. Word on the street was that almost 1600 Godlike tickets were entered, and there were only 10 Godlike items up for grabs. That would mean that he only stood a 0.6% chance of winning.

“Why so down, fren?” The innkeeper gazed over at him with the ease of a man who had never been liquidated.

“The green frog…”

A look of confusion crossed the innkeeper’s face, but he let Anon continue. “He told me I would win at the raffle, and I listened.”

“That’s rough, buddy. Did you check your wallet?”

“Of course I did.” Anon snapped. “That’s how I know it’s empty!”

“That one too?” The innkeeper gestured at the bulge in Anon’s back pocket.

Anon froze. Had he used his backup wallet by accident? He was in such a hurry to give his ticket to the little fox that maybe, just maybe…

With his heart hammering, he drew it from his jeans and uttered a phrase. One quick buzz later, the wallet snapped open. A brilliant light poured out as its contents materialized. An incandescent green beam, just like the one from his dreams.

A green voucher, for a single LINK cube.

“No way,” Anon whispered. “But — how? I only entered a single ticket.”

The innkeeper chuckled. “It’s a rare occurrence, but it does happen. And it’s 100% real — the raffles are powered by Chainlink’s VRF to make sure they’re verifiably random. I’ll pull up the on-chain report and you can see for yerself.”

Anon could barely hide the grin on his face as an inexplicable wave of euphoria swept over him.

“Congrats, ser. Sometimes, you just win.”

Hey fren, you can win too! Be like Anon and start staking your GHST and making FRENS now. The next Raffle event is coming soon!

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