Aavegotchi Community Update #19

This week’s updates include:

  • New Matic Launch Details
  • 500K+ GHST Rarity Farming rewards pool details
  • Aavegotchi Shop wearables & traits revealed
  • Aambassadors Program launches with Korea and Vietnam
  • Aagent Missions completed! Exclusive wearables confirmed
  • Aavegotchi launches on Substack
  • Aaround the block: Cointelegraph

New Matic Launch Details

The first Haunt of Portals was scheduled to arrive on Ethereum mainnet January 4th, bringing the potential for summoning 10,000 randomly generated Aavegotchis. The core team, Pixelcraft Studios, was completely on target with contracts ready to deploy. Multiple audits came in with positive feedback in the days leading up to the launch including a technical review from Quantstamp and an initial report from Certik.

Community support is stronk for an L2-first Launch

Rarity Farming Rewards Top 500k GHST

Over the holiday weekend, we published a detailed release of rarity farming rewards and structure. If you missed it, make sure to read it here in full to find the elegant positive feedback loops of GHST tokenomics on full display.

Aavegotchi Shop wearables & traits revealed

Over 100 Aavegotchi wearable items are now detailed at the updated Wiki Wearables page.

Aavegotchi Aambassador Program launches

We’re excited to share that Aambassadors for both Korea and Vietnam regions have joined the team. Aambassadors are leaders in their communities and Aavegotchi experts ready to introduce the game to new audiences.

Aagent Missions Completed, Over 200 Graduates!

All 12 Missions in the Discord have now been closed as scheduled. This was an incredibly successful program that rewarded the most active community members with chances to earn badges and level up. The Elite level 12 Aagents have graduated and will be receiving a full and exclusive wearables set that includes an Aagent fedora, earpiece, shirt, glasses, and even a pistol.

Aavegotchi Launches on Substack

We’ve long been jealous of other projects using Substack to publish their weekly updates, so in 2021 one of our first priorities was to set up a Substack for Aavegotchi!

Aaround the Block

Cagyjan covers 300k USD value in rewards pool! https://youtu.be/Un9BTNzNS7c?t=431



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