Aavegotchi December Update

7 min readJan 4, 2022

We ship, and we ship, and we ship some moar! Let’s have a look at what we accomplished in December!

December was another action-packed month of shipping for #GotchiGang!

  • Land Sale #2
  • First Gotchiverse Stress Test
  • Land Raffle #2
  • New REALM Paartners Join the Gotchiverse
  • How to Earn Alchemica in the Gotchiverse (Alpha Leak)
  • Rarity Farming SZN 2 Concluded
  • AavegotchiDAO End of Year XP Extravaganza
  • Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights
  • Worldwide Webb Integrates Aavegotchi
  • GHST Listed on Swissborg
  • Much Moar!

Land Sale #2

Our 2nd Gotchiverse land sale took place early in December. The action kicked off with a launch party in Discord which had over 400 GotchiGang members in attendance! The 2nd land sale following the GBM Bid-to-Earn Auction format was a tremendous success, with thousands of participants purchasing land in the Eastern area of the Gotchi Citaadel. The auction had over $40M in total volume and paid out more than $1.1M in Bid-to-Earn rewards. Click here to browse the Gotchiverse map.

First Gotchiverse Stress Test

We held our first evar Gotchiverse stress test event in December! More than 1000 GotchiGang members joined a limited preview of the Gotchiverse with their Aavegotchis. Players explored and participated in a Gotchus Alchemica gathering minigame and got some incredible aalpha. The stress test was a massive success that provided our dev team with valuable data as we move towards the official launch of the Gotchiverse in Q1 of 2022. Follow us on Twitter for more info and updates on the Gotchiverse.

Land Raffle #2

The second Gotchiverse Land Raffle took place with 3,000 parcels up for grabs on the Eastern side of the Citaadel this time around. The action concluded with our first ever GotchiGang hangout that also included an XP event. If you haven’t already done so click here to claim any parcels you may way have won.

New Paartners in December

Welcome Metaguild

Metaguild joined the Gotchiverse as an official REALM paartner! Metaguild has been involved in the Aavegotchi ecosystem since the very start and we are thrilled to have them officially join us as a partner. Like all official REALM paartners, Metaguild will have their very own Paartner-sized parcel within the Gotchiverse. For more information on the partnership click here to read their blog post.

Welcome Flamingo DAO

Flamingo DAO also became an official REALM paartner! Flamingo DAO has generously invested into Aavegotchi assets, including land parcels and Gotchis, and will also have their own official Paartner-sized parcel. Flamingo DAO swore their allegiance to the Gotchiverse and gave warning to Lickquidators that they will do what is necessary to defend the Great Portal during the nine great battles foretold in the prophecy. To learn more about the partnership click here to read their official blog post.

Welcome MaoDAO

MaoDao became an official REALM partner with a timely announcement a few hours before the kickoff of Land Sale #2. Mao Dao’s mission is to, “Empower the Eastern community in the Meataverse revolution,” making the partnership a perfect fit! They will bring an experienced group of players that have found success in other popular play-to-earn games with them to the Gotchiverse. For all the details on the partnership click here to read their blog post.

Welcome YGG SEA

Last, but certainly not least, YGG SEA became an official REALM paartner in December as well. YGG SEA is the first subDAO of Yield Guild Games and their mission is to create the biggest and most sustainable play-to-earn economy focused in South East Asia. As part of the paartnership they will receive their very own paartner-sized parcel to house their operations in the Gotchiverse. Watch this video and try to guess which District their parcel is located in! For more information read YGG’s blog here.

How to Earn Alchemica in the Gotchiverse

Last month we released some Aalpha on how to earn in the Gotchiverse. There will be three main ways to acquire Gotchus Alchemica once the Gotchiverse goes live: farming from underground, exploring the surface, and channeling from above. There is a way for everyone, whether you’re a farmer, warrior, or mage, to earn in the Gotchiverse! For more information click here to read our blog post.

Rarity Farming SZN 2 Concluded

Rarity Farming SZN 2 concluded with the final Snapshot taking place at Block #22242200. Over 300 GotchiGang members attended the ebic closing ceremony in the Aavegotchi Discord server. Final rewards have been sent out to every Gotchi who placed on the leaderboards. In total, season 2 paid out 2M GHST in rewards across three categories! The top three winners in each category will receive NFT trophies and the top 100 will receive special NFT baadges. Thank you for a great SZN 2 frens. To see your rewards on the Gotchi Dashboard, click here. Then select an Aavegotchi and click “Pocket.”

AavegotchiDAO End of Year XP Extravaganza

Keeping the reputation as the World’s most active DAO, we launched EIGHT new proposals for the AavegotchiDAO to vote on for an End of Year XP Extravaganza! This means eight opportunities to participate in governance and earn XP for your GotchiGang! There were two COREprops and six SIGprops that made up the extravaganza. The AGIPI6 COREprop, proposed to stake 100k GHST to generate minigame rewards, and the AGIP17 COREprop proposed adding voting power to REALM parcels. The six SIGprops fell under Gotchiverse Patch v0.1. These included a couple of areas that the dev team thought should be adjusted before the game is released. AavegotchiDAO made their voice heard, passing seven of the eight proposals. To read about the proposals see our blog post here.

Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights

New Features Added to GHST Staking Page

The GHST staking page received a major facelift. New features include accurate APYs relative to just staking GHST, a slider to easily choose your amount, and ROFL as a visual representation of a FREN. Click here to check out the new updates!

New AavegotchiDAO Snapshot Domain

You can now access the AavegotchiDAO Snapshot page from a new domain. The new domain is much easier to memorize than the old one. This will make voting on proposals easier than evar! To check out the new domain and head to the AavegotchiDAO Snapshot page, click here.

Worldwide Webb Integrates Aavegotchi

Aavegotchi became Worldwide Webb’s first cross-chain integration with Polygon! Hundreds of GotchiGang members gathered in their amazing 2D metaverse, using their Aavegotchis as in-game avatars. We are thrilled that they chose Aavegotchi as the first project to implement cross-chain integration! Click here to play as your Gotchi in Worldwide Webb.

gldnXross on NFT Live

gldnXross joined NFT Live to discuss The Gotchiverse, Gotchi Lending, and how to play in the Gotchiverse demo. Viewers and NFT Live co-hosts Ronin and Q were extremely impressed with Aavegotchi’s constant innovation and the amazing gameplay. To watch the full interview click here.

GHST Listed on Swissborg

The GHST Token was one of three new metaverse tokens to be listed on Swissborg. GHST is now accessible to the application’s 550,000 users. Through Swissborg, GHST can be traded with 16 fiat pairs and 29 other cryptocurrencies directly from the app! Click here to read Swissborg’s blog post about Aavegotchi.

December was full speed ahead, and we won’t be slowing down in January! Here’s what we’ve got coming up.

A Preview of 2022:

2021 was an aamazing year for Aavegotchi. We’ve achieved so much in the past year and none of it would’ve been possible without your energy and support. 2022 will bring incredible progress on all fronts for Aavegotchi including, but not limited to:

  • The launch of the Gotchiverse
  • Complete decentralization of the Aavegotchi protocol
  • A community-owned and governed DEX
  • A framework where creators can create and be rewarded
  • Countless DeFi integration for GHST and Gotchus Alchemica

It’s safe to say 2022 is going to be HUGE for GotchiGang!

Stay spooky frens,

Aavegotchi Team




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