AALPHA LEAK: Your Guide to Earning in the Gotchiverse

5 min readDec 2, 2021

Looking for a play-to-earn experience like NOTHING you’ve seen before? Enter The Gotchiverse, a browser-ready DeFi RPG — the first of its kind! Players will be able to explore, build, battle, and socialize with their frens all while playing to earn.

Covering a vast expanse of land, the Gotchiverse has three distinct zones: The Citaadel, The Grid, and The Beyond, making it the perfect playground for large guilds and individuals alike to engage in a fun and immersive GameFi experience.

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The Gotchiverse offers something for everyone with three major earning opportunities. Each of these opportunities offers mega play-to-earn possibilities where players can accumulate four types of Gotchus Alchemica, the game’s raw crafting elements. Today we’ll look at three ways gamers will earn Gotchus Alchemica tokens. But first, what exactly are they?

What are Gotchus Alchemica?

Gotchus Alchemica are the four raw elements of The Gotchiverse. It is the broad name for our new ERC20 tokens known as FUD, FOMO, ALPHA, and KEK.

You can arrange various combinations of these tokens into different recipes to craft in-game items known as Installations. These Installations are ERC1155 NFTs that you can equip to and upgrade on your land parcels to enhance your gaming experience across all game modes. They can also be used to craft Aesthetica NFTs that you can display on your land parcels to make them more decorative. Additionally, Gotchus Alchemica can be bought and exchanged for GHST Tokens using the Gotchiverse’s native decentralized exchange, known as the Gotchus Alchemica Exchange (GAX).

Each land parcel comes with a base amount of Gotchus Alchemica. Parcels located adjacent to Alchemica deposits also have an additional boost associated with them. Once Phase One of the Gotchiverse goes live in January, a random number generator known as Chainlink Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF) will be engaged to determine the exact amounts of alchemica stored in each parcel. Our previously released Gotchus Alchemica Tokenomics Report details this a bit more.

“That’s great, but how do I earn the Alchemica?”… Keep reading anon.

Three Ways to Earn Alchemica

Within the Gotchiverse there are three distinct ways to earn Gotchus Alchemica

1. Farm from underground

The first way to earn Gotchus Alchemica is by farming. Harvester Installations can be crafted and placed on your parcel, allowing you to farm the Alchemica deposits from below your parcel. Once a Harvester has been built, Alchemica begins accruing passively. Some will go into a Reservoir Installation crafted on the parcel, some will spill onto the nearby map, and some will go to the Great Portal. Harvesters can also be upgraded for better results.

2. Explore the surface

Gotchus Alchemica can be found on the surface of the Gotchiverse, simply by exploring the map. Aavegotchis and Lickquidators alike can earn Alchemica in this manner. Alchemica can spill over onto the surface level for a variety of reasons including nearby harvesting. When exploring the Gotchiverse, keep your eyes open for surface Alchemica!

3. Channel from above

Gotchus Alchemica can also be earned through channeling from the skies above. There are two types of channeling, Alchemical Channeling and Communal Channeling. Alchemical Channeling allows individual Aavegotchis to channel Alchemica from the ether, earning Alchemica based on their Kinship. Communal Channeling, on the other hand, allows Aavegotchis to work together with their frens when a Gotchi Lodge installation has been built on the parcel. In order to participate in Communal Channeling, each Aavegotchi must wear the associated insignia Wearable and be present on the land parcel during the ritual. Alchemica will be farmed more quickly for each additional Aavegotchi participating in the Communal Channeling.

How else can I earn in the Gotchiverse?

Looking for other opportunities to earn in the Gotchiverse? We’ve got you covered. In addition to the aforementioned ways to earn Alchemica, players will have moar creative options to earn as well. Maybe you’ll become a land baron, renting out your parcel(s) for others to use, maybe you prefer to rent out your personal Aavegotchis and earn passively while someone else does all the work, or maybe you’d prefer to tap into your entrepreneurial side and come up with your own ways to earn.

One of the most intriguing features of the Gotchiverse will be the ability to build NPC’s as dApps on your land parcel. This means anything you can dream of, you can build. Want to host a minigame dApp that charges players a small fee to play? Build it! Want a dApp to sell your own NFT artwork? Build it! Want to host a Radio show and get some sponsors? Build it! If you can build it and monetize it, then you can use it to earn in the Gotchiverse. The possibilities are truly endless!

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See you in the Gotchiverse frens,

The Aavegotchi Team

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