Aavegotchi Rarity Farming Season 1 Rewards — FINALIZED!

Rarity Farming SZN 1 TL;DR

Total rewards: 1.4 Million GHST
Season structure: 8 weeks divided into 4 rounds
Begins: Tuesday, April 20th
Competition categories: Rarity / Kinship / XP
Goal: Climb the leaderboards for on-chain snapshots
Top Prize: 100k+ GHST
Looooong tail: Top 5000 gotchis farm each category

Every Aavegotchi can farm!

The successful Haunt 1 launch, with its Ape Tax and all, led to a Rewards Pool that is nearly triple the size of our original, albeit conservative, estimations. 40% of all primary sales revenue are funneled to the Player Rewards Pool, and that has led to a massive 1.4 Million GHST pool, revised upward from the original 500k GHST estimations we shared in January. This 1.4 Million GHST is now locked in and any further GHST entering the Rewards Pool will go toward accumulating an even larger SZN 2 pool for the future.

3 Ways to Earn

1. Rarity Score (70%)

Rarity Score is the main competition with 70% of the Rewards Pool GHST allocated to this leaderboard. An Aavegotchi’s rarity score is determined by its:

  • Randomly generated traits
  • Additional points from equipped wearables and sets
  • Final modifications made via leveling up (1 pt. per 3 XP levels)

2. Kinship Score (20%)

Kinship Score is more accessible in that even the most common of Aavegotchi are on equal footing. Here the focus is on showing your gotchi some affection. A freshly summoned Aavegotchis starts with a neutral kinship of 50 and you can boost this once every twelve hours via any on-chain interaction with it. However 24 hours of neglect results in a -1 deduction! Climb this chart by petting your Aavegotchi or feeding it rare kinship-boosting potions!

3. Experience Score (10%)

Experience Score is the final leaderboard and is all about earning the most XP. Outside of some highly collectible XP potions, being active in the community is the way to earning XP. XP rewards are being allocated for participating in core votes on Snapshot, sanctioned online events, and even volunteer work in the Discord. Climb this chart by being active, engaged and adding value to the wider community!

How to win

  1. 👻 Get an Aavegotchi
  2. 👔 Dress it
  3. 🤗 Pet it
  4. 🕺Join XP Events
  5. 💰WIN!

What happens if there’s a tie?

In the (very likely) event of a tie, especially in Kinship and Experience categories, the winners will be ordered as follows:

I’m just learning about Aavegotchi, do I still have a chance?

Yes, fren! There are many Aavegotchis being sold in the Baazaar, and new Wearables coming out via the Raffle and various airdrops. We’re also hosting several events throughout the Season where you can attend and earn XP for your Aavegotchis. Many or all of the existing Aavegotchis will qualify for Season 1 Rewards, due to the long tail curve. The best time to join is NOW!

Earn some XP for each of your Gotchis by participating in live events throughout April!

Ready to get started?

Join us in the Discord, Telegram or one of our various localized communities to learn more because, big harvest or little harvest, the real alpha is the frens we make along the way.



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