Aavegotchi Rarity Farming Season 2 NFT Baadges are Here!

  • 15 Rarity Trophies (Top 3 of each leaderboard)
  • 10 Top 10 and Top 100 Badges for Rarity, Kinship, XP, Rookie Kinship, and Rookie XP
  • 1 Rookie of the Year Baadge
  • 1 Raanked Participation Baadge!

NFT Baadges and “The Pocket”

You may recall that Aavegotchis became the first NFT wallet on Polygon back in 2021 with the advent of “The Pocket”. Aavegotchi’s as NFT wallets take Aavegotchi web3 avatars to a whole new level.

NFT Trophies

The pinnacle of Aavegotchis Baadges must be the Rarity Farming Trophies, signaling absolute superiority in a particular season’s competition. Like any other baadge, these NFTs are deposited directly into specific Aavegotchi’s “pockets”. The top three Aavegotchis across the categories of Rarity, Kinship, XP, Rookie Kinship, and Rookie XP during Rarity Farming Season 2 will receive these unique trophies. These non-transferrable NFT baadges will stay with your Aavegotchi within its Gotchi pocket forever.


1st Place — Felon
2nd Place — Rocinante
3rd Place — Winklevoss


1st Place — Metaguild.com
2nd Place —
3rd Place —


1st Place — XP Number One
2nd Place —
3rdPlace —

Rookie Kinship

1st Place — SuperKinship GeckoGotchi
2nd Place — Christofilis
3rd Place — H2 — Kinship Top #2

Rookie XP

1st Place — Hedge
2nd Place —
Al “Chemica” Capone
3rd Place —

Rookie of the Year

The Rookie of the Year Baadge goes to the best-performing Gotchi overall — that is, the one that scored highest in all categories.

Raanked Baadge

The Raanked Baadge is being distributed to 10,000+ Aavegotchis who ranked in the top 5000 in any of the leaderboards during Season 2. This design, along with all other baadges in this series are designed by the one and only Xibot.

You Just Win

Rarity Farming has now had two massively successful seasons. Each season brings 8 weeks of competitive leaderboards to gotchigang and where we all ultimately win just for participating. No matter how many baadges you find in your Gotchi’s pocket today, we are all winners simply by being here and Being. So. Early. (!)


Official Website: https://aavegotchi.com/
Gotchiverse Website: https://gotchiverse.io
Official Wiki: https://wiki.aavegotchi.com
Medium: https://aavegotchi.medium.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/Aavegotchi



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