AavegotchiDAO vote quorums exceeded, Matic migration begins, and an alfa farming cheat sheet shared!

Welcome to the new years frens! Aavegotchis has been on fire this month, busy with our Matic Migration. AavegotchiDAO had two improvement proposals put forward a few days and, with only 8 hours remaining, the response has already been overwhelming, with the amount of votes reaching double the required quorum. Haats off to the #GotchiGang!

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We’re also super excited to reveal a dedicated user interface for bridging GHST (and USDC) from Ethereum to Matic Network. This bridge experience is so easy… we daresay it’s enjoyable. Even “no-GHSTers” will wanna try it! …

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Over 100,000 USD worth of liquidity incentives in GHST, Matic, and QUICK await you!

Hey frens, we’ve been working hard to ensure there’s a smooth transition from Ethereum Mainnet to Matic.

The first piece of the puzzle is mapping GHST token onto Matic and beginning the liquidity migration. We are excited to announce that the bridging mechanism is ready to go.

You can find GHST on Matic at this address: 0x385Eeac5cB85A38A9a07A70c73e0a3271CfB54A7.

The Great L2 Migration is almost ready to start!

Over 100,000 USD in liquidity incentives await you on Matic, starting January 29!

Mass migrations are hard to coordinate and expensive for everyone involved.

That’s why the Aavegotchi development team (Pixelcraft Studios) is offering 50,000 USD in liquidity migration rewards, split between everyone who participates in GHST Staking on Matic, beginning on January 29th. …

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Frens, before the great MATIC migration happens, let’s all make a pitstop at AavegotchiDAO for two exciting votes!

In this post, we present to you two separate Aavegotchi Improvement Proposals (AGIP) — one to add a fee to the bonding curve (AGIP-2), and another to support increasing the DAICO tap to 150K (AGIP-3) to support monthly purchases of GHST from the bonding curve for future player rewards and liquidity incentives.

Full details on both of these proposals are below. Please read carefully before casting your votes!

The voting schedule will be as follows:

  • January 11–18 — Both Proposals live on Snapshot for off-chain signaling +…

Aavegotchi is sponsoring MarketMake, the epic ETH Global hackathon, with 4000 GHST in rewards (and some sweet XP bonuses for your future Aavegotchis).

There is so much room to apply your imagination and get creative with DeFi, NFTs, and L2! The launch of Aavegotchis on Matic is mere weeks away and Q2 will see The Realm metaverse realized. This open world is designed to be populated with all sorts of unique on-chain experiences. That means mini-games, dapps, and analytics tools are all up for grabs.

While you’re absolutely free to surprise, the following is a broad list of ideas that may help give you an ideas of the direction and priorities for the Aavegotchi project. …

Aavegotchi pivoting to a launch on Matic and massive rarity farming rewards revealed!

Hey frens, what a wild start to 2021! The price of Ether skyrocketed to more than $1000, and network fees reached as high as 500 gwei, causing a traffic jam on Ethereum the likes of which we haven’t seen since…well, actually just three months ago.

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Ethereum faces a serious scaling issue, especially for blockchain games like Aavegotchi that require frequent interactions. …

Singapore, January 6, 2021 — Aavegotchi, the DeFi-staked сrypto сollectibles game, has teamed up with blockchain scalability platform Matic Network to facilitate on-chain gameplay. As part of the new partnership, Aavegotchi has committed to launching its blockchain game first on Matic Network.

Developed by Pixelcraft Studios and governed by a community DAO, Aavegotchi is a game revolving around DeFi-backed Aavegotchis — on-chain collectible ghosts staked with Aave’s interest-generating aTokens. These yield-generating collectibles offer unique traits and a new system of “dynamic rarity” that allows players to increase the rarity of their Aavegotchi by equipping items and leveling up. …

Move over yield farming, there’s a new game in town!

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The first Haunt of Aavegotchi arrives on January 4 and will only contain 10,000 Portal NFTs. No more Aavegotchis will be created until decreed by the AavegotchiDAO.

So if Aavegotchis are so scarce, how many Portals should you get?

Today we’re helping to answer that question by announcing details for the first season of Rarity Farming, the metagame of Aavegotchi. Rarity farming rewards players for discovering and developing rare Aavegotchi. Raising Aavegotchis and equipping them with powerful wearables can lead to GHST token rewards as your Aavegotchi climbs the leaderboard.

Strap in, because the following numbers may cause moderate to severe amounts of FOMO.

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It’s the final raffle before Aavegotchis arrive on January 4, 2021! In an ebic conclusion to the year, Raffle #3 delivers an Ethereum theme fitting for The One Greatest Blockchain Of All Time (TOGBOAT).

Full disclosure, this is the only time these NFT wearables will be minted. We know time is short, so get ready to #ApeSafely frens!

Like previous Raffles, there is a 72 hour window to enter your raffle ticket NFTs into the raffle contract. On January 3rd, Chainlink’s random number generating oracle will be engaged and we’ll automatically learn who has won which items. …

When: Thursday Dec 31 (9am New York / 2pm London / 11pm Tokyo)
Where: Discord Aavegotchi Server
Whats up: Live music / Confetti Token Airdrops / Special Guests / Team AMA / Aavegotchi Launch Alpha

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2021 is upon us and there’s no better place to celebrate than right in the cozy Aavegotchi Discord with frens!

If you joined our Halloween Party, you already know that an Aavegotchi Party means over a solid hour of prizes, entertainment, and even some alpha leaks. …

Raffle #3, the Final Mission, and a NYE Party!

With less than 150 hours left until Mainnet, here at Aavegotchi HQ we’re in overdrive prepping the final details for a spectacular launch. But that doesn’t stop us from having some fun!

Keep reading for all the aavesome activities happening this week!

This week’s updates include:

  • Raffle #3 wearables reveal
  • Tokyo Midnight — Aavegotchi New Year’s Eve Party
  • Santagotchi.eth charity wallet successfully transferred
  • Surprise Aavegotchi X-MAS Eve Testnet Update
  • Mission 12: Moovie Stars

Raffle #3 Wearables Revealed!

Ethereum. The network that has brought us all together on this fantastic voyage. Our third and final pre-launch Raffle celebrates this crazy and wonderful experiment: featuring the 32 ETH coin, Metamask, Nogara the Eagle (Aragon spelled backwards!), …



DeFi-enabled Crypto Collectibles Collect, compete, and combine your Aavegotchis for the ultimate gamified DeFi experience! Powered by @aaveaave.

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