Aavegotchi.com’s first NFT drop since launch day is here!

Esskeetit! Last week we raffled off half of the ebic Gotchi Gang x Gucci Gang NFT collab. If the VRF Gods didn’t shine on you, fear not fren — you’ll have a second chance to cop Pump’s iconic wearables at tomorrow’s big NFT Drop.

Half of Lil Pump’s total NFT supply was raffled while the other half is being prepped for a first-come-first-serve event happening this Friday, April 9th at 9am EST (1pm UTC / 9pm SGT).

To participate, simply visit Aavegotchi.com, click PLAY, then choose the GOTCHI MAALL icon. …

Hey frens, we’re a little over a month into the COCOON phase of AavegotchiDAO outlined in Scaling AavegotchiDAO, and very impressed so far with the breadth of ideas being put forth by the community! While many ideas are still very early and in their “ideation” phase, this week we wanted to highlight one specifically that is getting a lot of traction and can be easily implemented today.

Although this SigPro has not quite reached the required quorum to automatically become a CorePro, because of its simplicity and immediately actionable nature, we believe it is a great candidate to be “fast-tracked”…

Lil Pump wearables drop Friday the 9th plus so so much moar!

Hey frens, what a wild time it has been since our last Community Update. With Aavegotchis live and being pet everyday by the thousands, we hope this update will quickly catch you up on what’s just happened and what is about to happen. We’ll be covering:

  • Raffle #4 statistics + Ticket Guessing Competition winners!
  • New date for Lil Pump drop at the Maall
  • DAO Signal Proposals and forum highlights
  • Best frens, AAVE.com now live on Polygon!
  • Pixelcraft Studios team growth
  • Aavegotchi application for Unicly collection
  • Baazaar NFT marketplace…

Farm your share of over 2 million USD worth of GHST rewards over 8 weeks 😍

Rarity Farming Season One officially begins on April 20 (4/20), and the competition is already heating up! With the news of #AavegotchiDAO voting to delay Haunt 2, it is now confirmed that only the 10,000 Haunt 1 Aavegotchis are eligible to compete. That’s assuming all 10,000 Portals are opened and summon Aavegotchis. (Currently, roughly half of all Portals have summoned Aavegotchis!)

True #GotchiGang members know that 40% of all GHST revenue from Portals and Maall Wearables goes directly towards player rewards, and we are…

The rapper’s vibrant wearables set is dropping in the Maall and Raffle 4!

🎵Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Guccigang!🎵

After a few weeks of online chatter, we are thrilled to announce an official collaboration with multi-platinum music artist Lil Pump, the artist who literally coined the term we’ve been playing off since the inception of Aavegotchi! We caught Pump’s eye on Twitter with our frequent use of the #GotchiGang hashtag. If you missed it, Lil Pump tweeted back at us wondering where he could get his own Aavegotchi:

“When I saw the #GotchiGang tweet I…

It’s been two weeks since Aavegotchi Haunt 1 went live, with overwhelming demand leading to an almost instant SOLD OUT.

In those two weeks, many DAOists have taken to Discord, Snapshot, and the DAO forum to discuss options for Haunt 2, and future Haunts beyond.

In accordance with the COCOON system laid out previously, we have compiled the most popular and widely discussed Signal Proposals and ideas, and upgraded them into two Core Proposals.

**Note: Since the COCOON plan had not been published when many of the Snapshot proposals were created, we are grandfathering them in as proposal options. However…

It’s been a wild ride, but we’ve finally made it! Our Aavegotchi frens have arrived on Polygon, clothed in the finest garb from the Aavegotchi Maall and previous three Raffles.

Speaking of Raffles…we hope you’ve been Staking GHST and Making FRENS, because Raffle 4 is finally upon us!

Raffle 4 will open on March 29, 2021 at 10PM SGT (10am EST) and, like previous Raffles, there will be a 72 hour window to enter your tickets into the Raffle contract. On April 1, 2021, we’ll be engaging the Chainlink VRF on Polygon to spin the wheel and determine the winners!

Everything you need to participate in AavegotchiDAO today.


Last week’s successful launch of Aavegotchi’s first Haunt marked the entry into a new phase for the Aavegotchi project, the Aavegotchi community, and the Pixelcraft team.

Pre-launch, the only major game mechanic controlled by the community was the amount of tap allocated to Pixelcraft each month, decided onchain via an expensive Aragon vote.

Now that we have launched, that stage is now behind us. The launch has triggered a cambrian explosion of important questions to be decided by AavegotchiDAO:

  • Should there be and what does a second Haunt look like?
  • Are Kinship…

A full analysis of the genesis NFT drop of Aavegotchi frens.

Did you blink? Did you scream (in either joy or frustration) at your computer monitor? Same here frens. Did you ape into some rare items on the Baazaar NFT marketplace? Lucky you!

The first 10,000 Portals sold out in less than one minute with an overwhelming surge of interest bringing all variety of fans to clamor for a Portal in the first Haunt of Aavegotchis. The launch was a huge success by all metrics except the fact that not everyone could have a Portal. The math made sure of…

The year’s most anticipated NFT x DeFi experience is ready for launch.

Singapore, February 24, 2021 — Pixelcraft Studios® announced today that Aavegotchi, the groundbreaking digital pet collectibles game, is set to launch on Tuesday, March 2 at 10am EST / 11pm SGT. The launch event will take place at Aavegotchi.com and feature an NFT (non-fungible token) drop that releases 10,000 Aavegotchi Portals for the public. Dubbed “Haunt One,” this launch release marks the first time fans of the game will be able to summon Aavegotchis.

Announced in the summer of 2020, Aavegotchi has garnered a reputation for combining bleeding-edge…


DeFi-enabled Crypto Collectibles Collect, compete, and combine your Aavegotchis for the ultimate gamified DeFi experience! Powered by @aaveaave.

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