Got FRENS? Raffle 5 Exclusive wearables revealed!

  1. Stake GHST > make FRENS > convert to Raffle Tickets > enter Raffle
  2. Visit the Baazaar NFT Marketplace > buy Raffle Tickets > enter Raffle

On Rarity and Trait Bonuses

Here’s a quick refresher before we jump into the specific rarity levels and trait boosters offered by each new wearable.

  • AGG = Aggressiveness
  • NRG = Energy
  • SPK = Spookiness
  • BRN = Brain Size
  • First, it will affect the personality traits that exist on the above bell curve. You want to continually be pushing your Aavegotchi’s natural traits further to the extremes.
  • The second wearables’ effect is regarding Base Rarity Score (BRS). Each Aavegotchi has one BRS score that changes dynamically in accordance with its personality traits, equipped wearables and eye traits. The former two can be changed while the eyes always remain the same. So when you are considering what to win, keep in mind that the BRS boost is tied directly to each wearable’s rarity level. In this chart you can see that a common item will boost this score by +1 while a Godlike offers a dramatic +50 boost.

Behold — Raffle #5!

Each wearable brings its own trait boosters that also provide a “set bonus” when all three items are equipped together. Read more about sets in the wiki.

Ready, Set, Raffle!

The Raffle begins one week from today and lasts for 72 hours, so make sure you are staking GHST and earning FRENS to maximize your chances. You can’t win if you don’t enter, and even a single ticket can lead to life-changing results!

About Aavegotchi

Aavegotchis are on-chain collectible ghosts staked with Aave’s interest-generating aTokens (known as maTokens on layer 2).

About Pixelcraft Studios

Pixelcraft Studios is the leading game development team committed to gaming with true ownership. We achieve this by leveraging blockchain technology to the benefit of the gamer.



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