Haunt 2 Auction TLDR

When: August 26, 2pm UTC — August 29, 2pm UTC
Where: aavegotchi.com/auction
Prerequisite: A nice bag of GHST tokens on Polygon Network

What’s for Auction

This will be the largest GBM #BidToEarn auction to date with 12,000 Portals being simultaneously auctioned. Haunt 2 has a total of 15,000 Portal NFTs (each summons one Aavegotchi) so you may be wondering — where are the remaining 3,000? They will be distributed via a Chainlink VRF powered raffle within 10 days of the Auction (ready your Drop Tickets!).

First Look: Three New Spirit Forces

Having Aave protocol live alongside Aavegotchi on Polygon Network means summoning an Aavegotchi is easier than ever. All Haunt 2 Aavegotchi are staked with Aave’s yield generating amTokens (Haunt 1 summoning required our own bridge solution maTokens).

  • amMATIC
  • amWETH
  • amWBTC
  • amDAI
  • amUSDC
  • amUSDT
  • amAAVE

First Look: Two New Mythical Low Eye Shapes (+ 3 Mythical High)

Mythical eye shapes are the rarest of eyes; highly desired and seldom summoned. Going forward, the mythical eyes we’ve grown familiar with are to remain only accessible from Haunt 1 Portals. That’s because Haunt 2 features new designs for both the mythical high and mythical low eye shapes. A globe-like aesthetic graces these new Haunt 2 Mythical Lows. So be on the lookout to spot these beauties during your future summonings.

Grab your GHST and Join the Paarty!

There’s really nothing else in all of crypto quite like an Aavegotchi Auction. It’s a party in the Discord and can be profitable too! The average participant in our July wearables auction earned 97.7 GHST while some big brains were earning hundreds (even thousands!) of GHST. The July auction was small scale with only seven unique wearable types being auctioned. This time around the scale is totally different. This is like going from a house party to Coachellaa!

See you at the paarty!

Aavegotchi Team



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