Lil Pump Joins #GotchiGang with exclusive Aavegotchi Wearables Set

3 min readMar 22, 2021

The rapper’s vibrant wearables set is dropping in the Maall and Raffle 4!

🎵Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Gotchigang! Guccigang!🎵

After a few weeks of online chatter, we are thrilled to announce an official collaboration with multi-platinum music artist Lil Pump, the artist who literally coined the term we’ve been playing off since the inception of Aavegotchi! We caught Pump’s eye on Twitter with our frequent use of the #GotchiGang hashtag. If you missed it, Lil Pump tweeted back at us wondering where he could get his own Aavegotchi:

“When I saw the #GotchiGang tweet I went down the Aavegotchi rabbit-hole and realized you people are crazy like me. Esskeetit! Let’s do it!,” Lil Pump said, sharing how he discovered Aavegotchi.

The “Gucci gang” rapper’s distinct style provides the perfect visual inspiration to release a set of NFT in-game wearables that includes five pieces in total, each of a different rarity level.

Godlike — Lil Pump Dreads (+50 BRS, +4 NRG, +2 AGG)
Mythical — Lil Pump Threads (+20 BRS, +5 NRG)
Legendary — Lil Pump Shades (+10 BRS, +3 AGG, +1 SPK)
Rare — Lil Pump Drank (+5 BRS, +1 NRG, +2 AGG)
Uncommon — Lil Pump Goatee (+2 BRS, +1 NRG, +1 AGG)


  • Half of the Lil Pump wearables will be raffled off during the upcoming NFT Raffle. This event starts on March 29 and concludes with winners announced 72 hours later (April 1, 2021). Lil Pump’s set completes the mystery set that was teased during the original “Layer 2 Raffle” announcement.
  • Two sets will go to Lil Pump and his team, with the goal of aligning interests in this landmark collaboration.
  • The rest will be made available at the Aavegotchi primary market, aka the Aavegtochi Maall, on Tuesday, April 6 with the usual rarity level pricing in GHST.

Uncommon — 10 GHST
Rare — 100 GHST
Legendary — 300 GHST
Mythical — 2000 GHST
Godlike — 10,000 GHST

The final Raffle 4 Prizes

Like all other Aavegotchi wearables, the new items are ERC-1155 NFTs running on Polygon, the leading Ethereum sidechain. Aavegotchi is a completely on-chain game offering quick, near free transactions for a decentralized, yet user-friendly experience.

For more information on Aavegotchi, visit the official site or the community maintained

About Aavegotchi

Aavegotchis are on-chain collectible ghosts staked with Aave’s interest-generating aTokens (known as maTokens on Polygon).

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