RELEASE THE AAPES! Aavegotchi Raffle #3 Details Revealed

5 min readDec 30, 2020

It’s the final raffle before Aavegotchis arrive on January 4, 2021! In an ebic conclusion to the year, Raffle #3 delivers an Ethereum theme fitting for The One Greatest Blockchain Of All Time (TOGBOAT).

Full disclosure, this is the only time these NFT wearables will be minted. We know time is short, so get ready to #ApeSafely frens!

Like previous Raffles, there is a 72 hour window to enter your raffle ticket NFTs into the raffle contract. On January 3rd, Chainlink’s random number generating oracle will be engaged and we’ll automatically learn who has won which items. All Voucher prizes will be fully redeemable for real Wearables via the Aavegotchi Mainnet dApp.

(No idea how to participate? Read this blog post explaining GHST staking!)

Now let’s see all the prizes up for grabs:

But first, a word on Wearables and Trait Modifiers

Like all previous wearables, each item modifiers at least one of an Aavegotchi’s four personality traits:

  • Energy
  • Aggression
  • Spookiness
  • Brain size

Because traits exist on a bell curve, you may want your traits to slide in either more positive or more negative directions. It’s the common middle that is to be avoided whereas extremely rare traits on either side of the spectrum increase your Rarity Score! Visit the Aavegotchi Wiki to learn more.

Full Breakdown: Raffle 3 Wearables + Trait Modifiers

Ethereum Maxi Set (Common, 1000 Each)

Shun the disbelievers! Shuuuuuun!

ETH Logo Glasses (Brain size -1)
ETH T-shirt (Brain size -1)
32 ETH Coin (Brain size -1)

Total: 3000

Foxy Meta Set (Uncommon, 500 Each)

You look so yummy in that tail bae!

Foxy Mask (Aggressiveness -2)
Foxy Tail (Aggressiveness -1, Spookiness -1)
Trezor Wallet (Energy -1, Aggressiveness -1)

Total: 1500

Nogara the Eagle Set (Rare, 250 Each)

Not all DAOists wear robes!

Eagle Mask (Energy +1, Spookiness +2)
Nogara Armor (Energy +2, Spookiness +1)
DAO Egg (Energy +1, Brain Size +2)

Total: 750

DeFi Degen Set (Legendary, 100 Each)

Etherscan verified? APEEE!!!

Ape Mask (Aggressiveness +1, Brain Size -3)
#HalfRekt Shirt (Energy +1, Aggressiveness +1, Brain Size -2)
Waifu Pillow (Brain Size -4)

Total: 300

Gotchi Summoner Set (Mythical, 50 Each)

Like horcruxes… but shinier.

CoderDan Shades (Aggressiveness +5)
GldnXross Robe (Spookiness +5)
Xibot Mohawk (Energy +5)
Mudgen Diamond (Brain Size +5)

Total: 200

Vitalik Visionary Set (Godlike, 5 Each)

A fashion sense as unfathomable as his wisdom…

Galaxy Brain (Brain Size +6)
All-Seeing Eyes (Energy -6)
Llamacorn Shirt (Energy -3, Aggressiveness -3)

Total: 15


3000 + 1500 + 750 + 300 + 200 + 15 = 5,765 pieces

Frequently Aasked Questions

Q: What am I actually winning?

A: You’re winning an ERC1155 Voucher that will be fully convertible for an Aavegotchi wearable on Mainnet launch (est. late December). Just like tickets, the Voucher can be traded on OpenSea or other NFT marketplaces.

Visit our store on Opensea.

Q: How do I participate?

A: To participate in this Ethereum-themed Dec. 31–Jan 3 Raffle, you’ll need to stake your Tickets into the Raffle contract before Jan 3. Each Ticket is eligible to win a prize equivalent to its rarity level.

For example:

Aalice stakes 100 Common tickets. She is eligible to win up to 100 Common prizes listed above.

Bob, however, accumulates enough FRENS to purchase 10 Godlike tickets. He stakes all 10 Godlike tickets, which makes him eligible for up to 10 Godlike prizes.

Will he win them all? Probably not, because Caasper staked 100 Godlike tickets. Bob’s odds are in direct proportion to how many prizes are available and how many other tickets of the same rarity level have been staked.

Q: How do I claim my prize?

A: Once the Raffle is completed, winnings are automatically distributed. Log onto Aavegotchi to see if and what you won and then claim their prizes from the Raffle contract using our UI via a transaction.

Q: Am I guaranteed to win something?

A: Unlike other NFT mining games that give guaranteed, fixed rewards, we opted to use a lottery system. Why? Because it gives even small stakers a chance to win the rarest prizes.

In our first Raffle, one lucky participant won a Godlike LINK Cube with just a single Godlike ticket! Miracles do happen, frens.

That being said, with over 5,700 prizes being raffled, there’s a fair probability that most stakers will be able to win something, if they allocate their tickets properly.

Q: How many more Raffles will there be?

A: The Ethereum Raffle is the third of three pre-Mainnet raffle events. After Mainnet launch on January 4, 2021 we also plan to periodically host additional Raffle events.

We believe loyalty should be rewarded, therefore those who continually stake their GHST long term will reap the benefits, so keep staking to make FRENS!

Q: What can I do with my newly won Vouchers?

A: Before Aavegotchi Mainnet launches, you can hold your Vouchers or trade them on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. After we launch on Mainnet, you’ll be able to convert your vouchers into real Wearable NFTs that your Aavegotchi can equip. Besides just looking cool and showing off your early adopter clout, they also help increase the Rarity Score of your Aavegotchi and boost traits. This all helps you win more GHST via rarity farming (Coming Q1 2021).

Q: How do I participate?

A: Head to to begin staking GHST to earn FRENS. Then convert your FRENS into Tickets to enter into the Raffle on December 31–January 3.

Good luck, fren! \(^o^)/~

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