The uGOTCHI Collection is expanding, just in time for UNIC farming!

Welcome Unopened Portal 2 to the collection!
  • Locked NFTs: 6 (5 Aavegotchis, including many Godlike and Mythical wearables + 1 Unopened Portal with extremely low token ID)
  • Price increase since creation: 0.5 USD to 2.2 USD (400% increase 🔥)
  • Liquidity: 1.7M (2nd highest on 🔥)
  • Token holders: 73
  • uGOTCHI-ETH token holders: 30

Where did these funds come from?

We are using the monthly purchases of GHST outlined in AGIP3 to fund this purchase. We are strong believers in’s vision of unlocking massive value in NFTs by fractionalization, and this final addition strengthens the collection with an additional speculative flair. Who knows how much this low token ID Portal will be worth in the future?!

How to Participate

Those interested in owning a shard of the uGOTCHI collection can easily acquire it by navigating to the uGOTCHI Collection on and swapping ETH for uGOTCHI.

Click “Buy” to swap uGOTCHI Shards for ETH

Farm UNIC is unique because it is community-owned and governed by the UNIC token. Liquidity providers of uGOTCHI (and other collections) can stake their shards to farm UNIC, the governance token. For full details, please refer to this Medium post by

The uGOTCHI Token

Wen Polygon? recently announced their intention to launch on Polygon, but currently there is no timeline on this deployment. The best way to influence this decision is by holding UNIC token, so let’s show them that #GotchiGang stronk by providing liquidity for uGOTCHI-ETH on!


The Baadge Snapshot will be taken on Monday, May 17th at 10PM UTC. Those interested in earning a Baadge for their Aavegotchis should provide liquidity before the cutoff!



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