The uGOTCHI Collection is expanding, just in time for UNIC farming!

Hey frens, the uGOTCHI Aastronauts collection on has been a huge success! Although the recent launch of uJENNY DAO displaced us from the first place, for a long time we were #1 in liquidity!

According to’s latest announcement, UNIC farming is set to begin on May 18th, and uGOTCHI is positioned to earn a healthy chunk of the UNIC farming rewards.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Pixelcraft Studios is adding a final NFT to the Aastronauts Collection!

Unopened Portal 2 is the third lowest tokenID of Haunt 1. Pixelcraft Studios recently acquired it on the Baazaar for 60,000 GHST, and it has already been bridged to Ethereum and deposited into the uGOTCHI collection.

Welcome Unopened Portal 2 to the collection!

Some stats for the uGOTCHI collection:

  • Locked NFTs: 6 (5 Aavegotchis, including many Godlike and Mythical wearables + 1 Unopened Portal with extremely low token ID)
  • Price increase since creation: 0.5 USD to 2.2 USD (400% increase 🔥)
  • Liquidity: 1.7M (2nd highest on 🔥)
  • Token holders: 73
  • uGOTCHI-ETH token holders: 30

We’re excited to see how this additional Portal is received by the community.

Where did these funds come from?

How to Participate

Click “Buy” to swap uGOTCHI Shards for ETH


The uGOTCHI Token

Wen Polygon?


That’s all for now frens. Join the Aavegotchi Discord to keep up with all the latest developments in Aavegotchi.

Stay spooky!
Aavegotchi Team