The Ultimate Guide to Aavegotchi Haunt 2!

Over 25,000 Auctions…

Happening in realtime…

With #BidToEarn Incentives…


If you’ve been waiting on the sidelines, here’s the latest chance to secure your spot in #GotchiGang — the frenliest 100% on-chain community in crypto today.

Making History … Aagain

AavegotchiDAO recently voted to issue a new Haunt of Aavegotchi-summoning Portals, prompting Aavegotchi Lead Summoner Coderdan to ask the question — is this the first time an NFT community has voted to increase the supply of their collectibles?

Earn GHST, Win NFTs

Powered by GBM, the revolutionary #BidToEarn auction modelliterally pays you to be outbid. Incentives for participation means everyone wins, no matter if you finish with a Portal, new wearables, or a larger balance of GHST.

  1. Find an item you want.
  2. Make a bid by depositing your GHST.
  3. Get outbid? You’ll immediately see your GHST returned + a % of GHST coming directly from the person who outbid you.
  4. Find another item you want.
  5. Make a bid with the comfort of having a larger GHST balance than previously.
  6. Outbid others to finally win your dream NFT!
  • Name of item
  • Current bid
  • Minimum next bid
  • Bid-to-earn level
  • Time remaining
  • Item description
  • Zero — a normal English auction without bid-to-earn
  • Low — a bit of bid-to-earn sprinkled on top
  • Medium — a “normal” mode all wearables and 30% of Portals enjoy
  • High — a spicier version of bid-to-earn
  • DEGEN 🔥— max increases and incentives for a wild time

Easy Participation Checklist

  1. Connect a wallet to
  2. Connect to Polygon
  3. Hold a GHST tokens balance*
  4. You’re ready to bid!

* There are a number of ways to easily get GHST on Polygon.

The Portals

Each Portal is an ERC721 NFT with its own unique token ID. You can consider an unopened pack of cards to be similar to the nature of a Portal.

  • ETH
  • LINK
  • TUSD
  • YFI
  • UNI
  • WETH
  • WBTC

The Wearables

Each Aavegotchi Wearable is an ERC1155 token. Besides endowing your Aavegotchi with a sense of fashion, wearables also boost the Aavegotchi’s traits and rarity score, enabling them to perform better in mini-games, as well as in rarity farming.

THE LIST (Read carefully!)

Biker wearables also available at auction

Our frens at Venly.Market hosted the first distribution of Biker themed wearables last month. The majority of these epic wearables were not issued at that time and instead will be auctioned:

  • Bike Helmet (rare) — 212 auctions
  • Biker Jacket (uncommon) — 495 auctions
  • Aviators (uncommon) — 401 auctions
  • Horseshoe Mustache (legendary) — 76 auctions

In total, a whopping 25,944 items will be distributed during this massive #BidToEarn Aauction of ebic proportions.

Get hyped for the biggest #BidToEarn NFT Auction ever held!

See you at the auction fren!

Aavegotchi Team

coderdannn on cryptotwitter



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