The Ultimate Guide to Aavegotchi Haunt 2!

7 min readAug 23, 2021

The largest ever bid-to-earn auction is coming Aug 26–29 with new Aavegotchis and wearables!

Over 25,000 Auctions…

Happening in realtime…

With #BidToEarn Incentives…


If you’ve been waiting on the sidelines, here’s the latest chance to secure your spot in #GotchiGang — the frenliest 100% on-chain community in crypto today.

Visit today to make sure you’re ready with a Polygon connected wallet and GHST balance, then keep reading for the ultimate prime on everything H2!

Making History … Aagain

AavegotchiDAO recently voted to issue a new Haunt of Aavegotchi-summoning Portals, prompting Aavegotchi Lead Summoner Coderdan to ask the question — is this the first time an NFT community has voted to increase the supply of their collectibles?

Unlike Haunt 1 which featured a “blinkandyoumissit” First Come First Serve drop, Haunt 2 promises much more sustained excitement, with a three-day #BidToEarn auction, followed by a Raffle for our loyal GHST stakers.

The Haunt 2 Auction begins on Thursday, August 26 and runs through Sunday the 29th. This three day event features 12,000 Portal NFTs being auctioned along with 34 new Aavegotchi wearable items, plus the remaining Venly Wearables from the previous drop earlier this month.

Read on to learn more about the Portals and a full reveal of all the wearables and their trait boosting effects 🔥

Earn GHST, Win NFTs

Powered by GBM, the revolutionary #BidToEarn auction modelliterally pays you to be outbid. Incentives for participation means everyone wins, no matter if you finish with a Portal, new wearables, or a larger balance of GHST.

The only way to get rekt is by aping too hard into something you do not understand. That’s why this guide exists! Understand that you are committing real capital in real-time so never make a bid you do not actually believe in.

The auction flow is straight-forward:

  1. Find an item you want.
  2. Make a bid by depositing your GHST.
  3. Get outbid? You’ll immediately see your GHST returned + a % of GHST coming directly from the person who outbid you.
  4. Find another item you want.
  5. Make a bid with the comfort of having a larger GHST balance than previously.
  6. Outbid others to finally win your dream NFT!

Hammer time is another important feature. If someone is outbid in the closing 20 minutes of the auction, the time til closing the auction is extended by an additional 20 minutes. This makes sure all actors have a chance and no one can swoop in in the closing seconds to “steal” an auction.

Here is a preview of the dashboard for placing bids:

Before any aping, familiarize yourself with the Bid dashboard. The dashboard tells you everything you need to know, including:

  • Name of item
  • Current bid
  • Minimum next bid
  • Bid-to-earn level
  • Time remaining
  • Item description

In a gamified twist, various Portals enjoy one of five different bid-to-earn “modes”:

  • Zero — a normal English auction without bid-to-earn
  • Low — a bit of bid-to-earn sprinkled on top
  • Medium — a “normal” mode all wearables and 30% of Portals enjoy
  • High — a spicier version of bid-to-earn
  • DEGEN 🔥— max increases and incentives for a wild time

All wearables are using the Medium settings. 10% of Portals exist with a Zero mode; roughly 90% of Portal auctions are evenly split across Low/Med/High and then 0.8% are cranked to full on DEGEN mode 🔥🔥🔥 where you can earn up to 30% of your bid when outbid.

Easy Participation Checklist

  1. Connect a wallet to
  2. Connect to Polygon
  3. Hold a GHST tokens balance*
  4. You’re ready to bid!

* There are a number of ways to easily get GHST on Polygon.

The Portals

Each Portal is an ERC721 NFT with its own unique token ID. You can consider an unopened pack of cards to be similar to the nature of a Portal.

Haunt 2 is the second minting of Aavegotchi Portals. When opened, each Portal randomly generates 10 Aavegotchi. Choose your favorite Aavegotchi from the 10 and summon it. That’s when the Portal’s metadata transforms into your chosen Aavegotchi.

You can collect and trade both closed and opened Portals and summon an Aavegotchi at any time of your choosing! Take a live look at the H1 Portals market in the Aavegotchi NFT marketplace AKA The Baazaar.

Haunt 2 consists of 15k Portals, with 12k (80%) are being auctioned this week and the remaining 3k rewarded to GHST stakers in a Drop Ticket Raffle scheduled for early September.

Summoning an Aavegotchi always requires a specific Aave token to be staked as collateral, also known as Spirit Force, but there are some big differences between Haunt 1 and what can be summoned with a Haunt 2 Portal.

The first Haunt relied on our own custom bridge of maTokens (as Aave hadn’t yet deployed on Polygon). This bridge remains open and liquidity for various maTokens exist primarily at With Aave now natively running on Polygon, Haunt 2 Gotchis require staking with their amTokens. Aave on Polygon has fewer tokens listed and therefore, Haunt 2 does not support a number of Spirit Force themes:

  • ETH
  • LINK
  • TUSD
  • YFI
  • UNI

These themes are currently exclusive to Haunt 1, but do not rule out seeing a return of some of these themes in future Haunts!

Excitingly, Haunt 2 introduces three new Aavegotchi themes:

  • WETH
  • WBTC

That’s because two of these collaterals are listed exclusively on Aave Polygon and it’s about darn time we had a wrapped BTC themed Aavegotchi!

The Wearables

Each Aavegotchi Wearable is an ERC1155 token. Besides endowing your Aavegotchi with a sense of fashion, wearables also boost the Aavegotchi’s traits and rarity score, enabling them to perform better in mini-games, as well as in rarity farming.

In total, there will be 13,944 Wearable auctions happening simultaneously. That’s 13,944 chances to get outbid 🤑

Wearables can be equipped or unequipped at any time and affect the Base Rarity Score (BRS) of your Aavegotchi.

It is important to note each item’s rarity level when you are bidding, as this has a distinct influence on an item’s market value. During the auction, each wearable will be labeled with its rarity level by text, quantity and color association.

Now, let’s enjoy the full reveal of all 34 Aavegotchi wearables to be included in this auction. You can also view this entire list anytime at

THE LIST (Read carefully!)

All of these wearables belong to at least one if not more trait boosting sets. You can read more about sets here. Most sets are three pieces and are pretty obvious pairings here, although we’ll leave a few remix surprises for everyone to uncover through trial and error!

The wearables seen here are minted exclusively for the H2 Auction — freshly designed wearables will continue to be revealed in the weeks and months ahead.

For example, Frens Raffle #5 is slated to take place shortly before the first REALM Auction (late September-ish). You’ll want a fistful of Raffle Tickets to win those wearables. We also have a few cross-project announcements coming soon that will help us introduce even more NFT enthusiasts to Aavegotchi. Stay tuned for deets!

Biker wearables also available at auction

Our frens at Venly.Market hosted the first distribution of Biker themed wearables last month. The majority of these epic wearables were not issued at that time and instead will be auctioned:

  • Bike Helmet (rare) — 212 auctions
  • Biker Jacket (uncommon) — 495 auctions
  • Aviators (uncommon) — 401 auctions
  • Horseshoe Mustache (legendary) — 76 auctions

In total, a whopping 25,944 items will be distributed during this massive #BidToEarn Aauction of ebic proportions.

Get hyped for the biggest #BidToEarn NFT Auction ever held!

If you’re not already in the Aavegotchi Discord, join now to ensure you’re getting the latest updates on everything Aavegotchi.

See you at the auction fren!

Aavegotchi Team

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