Aavegotchi Community Update #21

  • Raffle #4 statistics + Ticket Guessing Competition winners!
  • New date for Lil Pump drop at the Maall
  • DAO Signal Proposals and forum highlights
  • Best frens, AAVE.com now live on Polygon!
  • Pixelcraft Studios team growth
  • Aavegotchi application for Unicly collection
  • Baazaar NFT marketplace milestones achieved
  • Dev Update — Community has joined the fray
  • Aaround the Block: new Chainlink interview and Cagyjan has your Rarity Farming details

Raffle #4 statistics and Ticket Guessing winners announced!

Aavegotchi’s first raffle on layer 2 concluded with a live drawing last Thursday April 1st and the results are incredible. By every metric, this was the largest NFT raffle yet. With the growth of our community post-Haunt 1 we anticipated more participants and did offer the largest amount of prizes yet. While Raffle 3 had just under 6,000 NFTs available, Raffle 4 nearly doubled with 11,512 total prizes given out.

Revised date: Lil Pump Wearables to drop this Friday, April 9

Our collaboration with multi platinum selling artist Lil Pump continues with a first-come-first-serve NFT drop happening this Friday, April 9th at 9am EST (9pm SGT)!

DAO recent activity highlights — so much energy!

With our recent evolution to V1.5 COCOON, AavegotchiDAO has established itself as one of, if not the most, active DAOs in the world today. No small feat! The energy being put into continuous real-time discussion in our Discord’s #dao channel, the dao.aavegotchi.com forum, and Snapshot is incredible!

Aave.com now live on Polygon!

Last week, big daddy Aave.com deployed a live version of their lending platform onto our favorite layer 2 solution, Polygon. We’re super excited about this and it means there is an opportunity for future Aavegotchis to expand support for both maTokens (currently) and Aave native layer2 aTokens.

Pixelcraft Studios is expanding (and hiring moar!)

  • Developer evangelist
  • Multiple front-end developers
  • Junior solidity developer
  • Digital artists
  • Game statistician

Aavegotchi applies for Unicly launch collection

While we luv our Layer2 goodness, you may have noticed that Aavegotchi.com/bridge has a “coming soon” tag for bridging more than ERC20 tokens. We want you to be able to bridge your Aavegotchi NFTs back to Ethereum too!

Baazaar NFT marketplace milestones achieved

Our NFT Marketplace, the Baazaar, has lived up to its name with some of the wildest crypto trading stories already being generated. If you haven’t explored the Baazaar yet, do yourself a favor and just open a tab right meow (no Metamask required to view): aavegothi.com/baazaar.

Dev Update: Community Has Joined the Fray!

The Discord #Devs channel is on 🔥 with the community rallying around our ever improving documentation and already building some stellar applications. Here’ s a short list of awesomeness to check out:

  • Haunt.gg — a site dedicated to analyzing Aavegotchis data, the Baazaar, and much more.
  • Raffle Odds Calculator — This Haaunt developed tool is key for any sound raffle strategy!
  • Reverse Paac-Man — The first deployed Aavegotchi mini-game has arrived! A pleasant, creative surprise!

Around the Block

This month saw a flurry of exciting media coverage including an alfa filled podcast where @coderdannn and @gldnxross joined Chainlink. Cagyjan, the best NFT content creator there is, has also produced a number of incredibly helpful guides and live walkthroughs for all things Aavegotchi. Cagyjan most recently covered the Rarity Farming Season 1 details that YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW.

Coming soon™️:

  • TBA — Updated Roadmap release
  • TBA — Wearables release schedule proposal
  • TBA — New Haunt 2 Forum proposal thread
  • April 14 — Aavegotchi Community Call (Earn 50 XP for attending!)
  • April 20 — Rarity Farming begins!



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