Aavegotchi July Update

5 min readAug 10, 2021

Bid2Earn auction, DinoSwap GHST-ETH liquidity rewards, Haunt 2 Proposal and moar!

Hello frens! July was another big month for Aavegotchi!

  • NEW Drop Tickets
  • 1st Birthday Party!
  • First Ever #Bid2Earn Aauction
  • DinoSwap GHST-ETH Liquidity Rewards
  • Haunt 2 Core Proposal PASSED
  • Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights
  • Venly Exclusive NFT Drop
  • Pixelcraft Studios Team Growth

Keep reading for all the scrumptious deets!

Win Big with NEW Drop Tickets

As outlined in the Litepaper, 20% of Haunt 2 and REALM Presale #1 Parcels will be raffled via our famous VRF Raffles!

Instead of having 6 different ticket types, we have consolidated all of the tickets into a single, new type — the Drop Ticket.

These NEW Drop Tickets are one-time-use Raffle Tickets that offer a single chance at winning a prize in our upcoming raffles. The more Drop Tickets you enter into a raffle, the higher your chances of coming away a winner.

To learn more about our NEW Drop Tickets and how to acquire them click here.

1st Aavegotchi Birthday Paarty!

Aavegotchi celebrated its 1st Birthday with over 500 #GotchiGang in attendance during our ebic B-day Party! We celebrated with a community call, $GHST drops, FREE XP, gifts, a dope DJ and of course, aalpha!

See the full results click here.

First Ever #Bid2Earn Aauction a Huge Success!

Beyond the data, we’re most thrilled with the way this NFT drop succeeded in boosting morale and engagement. Even the most “successful” of typical First Come First Serve NFT drops tend to fail in this regard. They are instead maligned with disappointed fans, gas wars and even bots. This auction had the complete opposite effect, instead feeling more like a celebratory shared experience.

See the full results click here.

DinoSwap GHST-ETH Liquidity Rewards

We’re big believers in the power of DeFi and farming when constructed thoughtfully with all incentives properly aligned. DinoSwap stands out from the crowd with a well crafted DEX aggregator that doesn’t vampire value but actually benefits fellow participants on the network.

Their focus on aligning with quality projects and the success of their AMA in the Aavegotchi discord speaks to the amount of big brains involved.

If you’re a long term believer in the sustainability of decentralized finance, the power of Polygon Network, and of course, the absolute basedness of Aavegotchi then this is a collaboration worthy of your attention.

To learn how to participate click here

Haunt 2 Aavegotchis Arrive This August

Haunt 2 has been CONFIRMED! AavegotchiDAO successfully voted to welcome 15,000 new Aavegotchis to Polygon in August!

This allows frens, old and new, the opportunity to get their hands on a Haunt 2 Portal during our #Bid2Earn auctions and NFT raffles.

To read more about the Haunt 2 Core Prop click here.

Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights

To help onboard new frens to Polygon, we’ve added a friendly warning when your MATIC balance is below 0.001, alongside a link to the MATIC faucet!

We’ve introduced a new Claiming system to distribute prizes for the Birthday Party Ticket airdrop.

Visit www.aavegotchi.com/airdrops to see if your address qualifies for the ticket prize!

The list was based on all the respondents to the Birthday Party typeform that was to be filled out during the party. If you’re not on the list, don’t worry, there will be more opportunities in the future!

Venly Wallet Now Integrated and Exclusive NFT Drop

#GotchiGang partnered with Venly, a cross-chain wallet and NFT marketplace on Polygon! Venly’s user frenly custodial wallet is now available to all that access aavegotchi.com aavegotchi.com. Then Venly NFT Marketplace has also verified an official Aavegotchi storefront, expanding the amount of places users can go to trade Aavegotchi wearables.

To celebrate the partnership, we released an exclusive VENLY BIKER set, only available on the Venly Market. Unfortunately, demand overwhelmed Venly’s infrastructure and only 15% of items were distributed before servers ground to a halt. The remaining Biker Set wearables will be available in the upcoming Haunt 2 auction!

Pixelcraft Studios Hires Former CoinMarketCap CTO

Another galaxy brain joins the Aavegotchi development team! Former CTO of CoinMarketCap, Mauvis Ledford, has joined Aavegotchi’s Pixelcraft Studios as Technical Advisor. Mauvis will play a lead role in scaling The Gotchiverse Realm so that tens of thousands of players can simultaneously enjoy the exciting virtual world when it goes live later this year.

To learn more about Mauvis Ledford click here.

Aavegotchi Summer Continues

If you thought July was hott, wait till you see what’s happening in August:

  • Official GHST Snapshot Proposal to List on Aave Polygon
  • The second Bid2Earn Aauction for Haunt 2
  • More Gotchiverse details in the leadup to REALM Presale #1

Stay spooky frens,

Aavegotchi Team




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