Aavegotchi September Update

6 min readOct 6, 2021

Gotchiverse REALM Reveal, Aavegotchi Ecosystem Grants, Aavegotchi X Rarible Trading Rewards and Moar!

September was another Aamazing month for #GotchiGang!

  • Gotchiverse REALM Reveal
  • Aavegotchi Ecosystem Grants
  • Aavegotchi X Rarible Trading Rewards
  • Haunt 2 Portal Raffle Completed
  • Wearables Raffle #5 Completed
  • Drop Ticket Airdrop
  • Aavegotchi X CoinGecko Giveaway
  • GHST Approved as Collateral for mai.finance
  • Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights
  • 60,000 Twitter Frens
  • LAToken Listing + Trading Competition

Gotchiverse REALM Reveal

The first look at the much anticipated Gotchiverse REALM is here! Coder Dan revealed the aamazing teaser during his keynote speech at Game On! Summit 2021. The 54-second video had attendees and Gotchi Gang members alike excited about the Gotchiverse.

Once the Gotchiverse REALM goes live, players will be able to explore, build, battle, and earn with their Gotchi Frens! They must also be on the lookout for “Lickquidators,” a free-to-play NFT that enables anyone to compete alongside Aavegotchis. Watch the video here

Aavegotchi Ecosystem Grants

The first cohort of Aavegotchi Ecosystem Grants is here. These grants will be used to support the building of dApps, games, analytic tools, and moar.

Our good frens at Polygon Studios and Ivan on Tech’s Moralis are official sponsors for the initiative. These grants focus on builders who develop dApps within two main tracks: The Game Track and the Ecosystem Track.

The Game Track will be reserved for those who are building games from scratch or adding to existing games. The Ecosystem Track will be reserved for anyone creating dApps, analytics platforms, and viral Gotchi experiences that bring value to the Aavegotchi ecosystem. For more details and to learn how to apply for a grant see our blog post here.

Aavegotchi X Rarible Trading Rewards

Our Aavegotchi to Ethereum bridge opened on Monday, October 4th! To celebrate, our frens at Rarible are generously offering 3X RARI rewards for buying and selling the Aavegotchi Collection through their marketplace.

The new Aavegotchi to Ethereum bridge supports ERC721 NFTs, meaning both Aavegotchis and Portals can be bridged. Rarible is offering the triple rewards incentive beginning Monday, October 4th at 00:00 UTC until Monday, October 18th at 00:00 UTC. For all the details check out our blog post here!

Haunt 2 Portal Raffle Completed

The Haunt 2 Portal Raffle was completed earlier in September. Here’s a look at some of the numbers.

  • 3,000 Portals raffled
  • 1,858 unique participants
  • One Gigachad entered close to 4,000 tickets!

Many frens managed to win Portals despite only entering a few tickets! Congratulations to everyone who won and thank you to everyone who participated. Check your raffle results here.

Wearables Raffle #5 Completed

Wearables Raffle #5 has been completed. Hopefully the VRF Gods smiled upon you and blessed you with some awesome new Wearables.

The Raffle concluded with an ebic party in the Aavegotchi Discord. The party featured some of our frenliest partners who helped make this Raffle a great success, including CoinGecko, Dapp Radar, QiDao Protocol, APY Vision, Lil Bubble and Unicly! All attendees who filled out the typeform received 10 XP for each Gotchi in their wallet.

If you haven’t already done so, check your Raffle results and claim your prizes here.

Drop Ticket Airdrop

Pixelcraft Studios dipped into their own FRENS balance to reward dedicated petters with some bonus Drop Tickets! All owners of Haunt 1 Gotchis with kinship greater than 150 and Haunt 2 Gotchis with kinship greater than 65 at the time of the snapshot are eligible to claim 1 Drop Ticket per eligible Gotchi. The snapshot was taken earlier this month so kinship may vary. If you haven’t already, claim your Drop Tickets here.

Aavegotchi X CoinGecko Giveaway

Aavegotchi teamed up with CoinGecko to give away an exclusive CoinGecko themed wearable! This rare Wearable was sent out to 250 lucky winners. The “Gecko Hat” comes with a +5 increase to BRS and a -3 decrease to the Spookiness trait for any Gotchi that has it equipped. Follow us on Twitter to stay updated on future giveaways.

GHST Approved as Collateral for MAI

Earlier this month our frens at QiDao Protocol held a Snapshot vote to determine the next collateral assets for their MAI stable coin. The GHST token led the way, receiving 3.15 million QI (76.36%) of the voting power. GHST can now be used as collateral for borrowing stable coins with 0% interest on Mai.finance. Borrowing against GHST will be incentivized, with weekly rewards airdropped on Wednesdays!

Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights


Swapping for your Aavegotchi’s Spirit Force is now easier than ever! We’ve added a new Swapper widget to help streamline the process. Simply click “Get (type of Spirit Force)” and the Swapper will auto-fetch the correct Spirit Force for your new Gotchi.

Petting Issue Fix

Many frens have experienced petting issues recently due to RPC Outages. For a smooth petting experience, you can switch your RPC to “https://polygon-rpc.com/in Metamask

To make the switch:

1) Open Metamask

2) Open Settings

3) Scroll down to Network and find your network labeled as “Matic” or “Polygon”

4) Where it says “New RPC Url” paste in https://polygon-rpc.com/

5) Enjoy faster petting and fewer timeouts!

Advanced users can also consider getting a free dedicated line here. Just create an account and add the free Polygon package.

Baazaar Activity Tab Updated

We’ve updated the Baazaar Activity Tab for recently sold Aavegotchis. It will now display the correct image of the Aavegotchi at the time of the sale.

Onchain Sideviews are Here

The wait is over, frens! You can now view your Gotchis from 360°, 100% onchain. The implementation of side views was a huge milestone that will help shape the future of the Gotchiverse and the Aavegotchi Aarcade.

There are three methods to see side views. You can view your Gotchi as a gif, through the Aavegotchi UI, or from the smart contract. For more information on side views and how to view them, check out our Medium post here.

60,000 Twitter Frens

The frenliest community in crypto just keeps growing. We officially reached the 60,000 Twitter follower milestone on September 22nd, just a little over a month after hitting 50,000! To stay up to date on everything Aavegotchi join us on Twitter here.

LAToken Listing + Trading Competition

Another month and another exchange listing! The GHST token can now be traded on LAToken. To celebrate the listing, LAToken is holding a trading competition where traders can compete for a share of a 1,500 GHST prize. The competition began on September 24th and will end on October 8th at 12pm UTC. For all the info on the trading competition click here.

September was an exciting month for GotchiGang. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for October:

  • REALM Presale #1
  • More Gotchiverse Details
  • Rarity Farming Season 2
  • Discord Halloween Party (Details soon!)

Stay spooky frens,

Aavegotchi Team




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