Aavegotchi Shippoors Continue to Deliver

7 min readNov 10, 2021

Get the scoop on the recent explosion in Gotchiverse interest, Rarity Farming rewards, Alchemica Tokenomics, star-studded additions to Pixelcraft Studios and moar!

We’ve reviewed our most recent shipping log and can confirm #GotchiGang is stronker than ever! Check it out for yourself:

  • First Gotchiverse Land Auction
  • Rarity Farming SZN 2 Kickoff
  • Former World of Warcraft Game Designer Joins Team
  • Gotchus Alchemica Tokenomics Report
  • YGG Becomes First Official Gotchiverse Partner
  • Blackpool Becomes Second Official Gotchiverse Partner
  • Onchain Aging Boost for Aavegotchis Implemented
  • 3-Word Addresses
  • 1M USD + Aavegotchi Aastronauts Auction on Unicly
  • Aavegotchi to Ethereum Bridge Opens
  • r/CryptoCurrency Reddit AMA
  • GHST Added to Umbria Narni Bridge
  • Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights

First Gotchiverse Land Auction

Our first evar Gotchiverse REALM land auction took place over Halloween Weekend. The auction kicked off with a launch party in Discord which had over 1000 GotchiGang members in attendance! The GBM Bid-to-Earn Auction was our most ebic auction yet, with thousands of participants purchasing land in the Northwest area of the Gotchi Citaadel. The auction had over $100M in total volume and paid out over $2.3M in Bid-to-Earn rewards. It all happened on the brand new DApp, https://gotchiverse.io, which will be used for all future land sales.

This was the first of three land auctions this year featuring parcels within the Citaadel. The other two will take place in November and December respectively with exact dates TBD.

Miss the auction? The auctioned land parcels are already available for trading on the Baazaar NFT Marketplace.

Rarity Farming SZN 2 Begins

Rarity Farming SZN 2 began on October 12th and will run until December 7th. This season features three main leaderboards for rarity, experience, and kinship as well as two seperate experience and kinship rookie leaderboards exclusive to Haunt 2 Gotchis. A whopping 2 million GHST is up for grabs this time around so get your Gotchis ready to farm! The first payout of 500k GHST already went out on October 26th. For all the details on Rarity Farming SZN 2 check out our blog post here. To check your position on the leaderboards click here.

Former World of Warcraft Game Designer Joins Team

Gaming industry veteran David Fried joined the Aavegotchi advisory team in October! David’s two decades of experience include over ten years with Blizzard Entertainment and work on popular titles such as World of Warcraft, Diablo II, and Warcraft 3. He will now utilize his talent and expertise to help us build an immersive Gotchiverse REALM experience, focusing on game design, item balance, and narrative structure. Check out our blog post here for more information on David and be sure to welcome him to the GotchiGang!

Gotchus Alchemica Tokenomics Report

The Gotchiverse REALM will introduce four new ERC20 tokens known as Gotchus Alchemica to the Aavegotchi ecosystem. Gotchus Alchemica are the four elements of the Gotchiverse and can be used to craft installation and aesthetica NFTs on your REALM parcels. Within this report you’ll find details on total REALM supply, more info on Gotchus Alchemica, Alchemica deposit estimations for each parcel size, tokenomics for each type of Alchemica, and moar! To read the full report click here.

YGG Becomes First Official Gotchiverse Partner

Last month we announced our first officialREALM partner, Yield Guild Games (YGG)! YGG and its subDAOs, Yield Guild SEA and Yield Guild ASIA, purchased over $800k in Aavegotchi assets. You may recognize YGG as one of the most successful guilds in the world, and we’re excited for them to join us in the Gotchiverse! As part of the partnership, YGG will receive their very own Paartner-sized parcel within the Gotchiverse REALM. For more information on the partnership read their blog post here.

Blackpool Becomes Second Official Gotchiverse Partner

Just recently, BlackPool Finance made an initial investment into Aavegotchi, purchasing Haunt 1 and Haunt 2 Portals. Now they’ve decided to join us in the Gotchiverse as an official partner! They will have their own Blackpool themed Paartner parcel, so keep an eye out for them in the Gotchiverse. For all the details on the partnership, read their blog post here.

Onchain Aging Boosts

A recent core proposal to introduce an aging mechanic, which increases Aavegotchi’s rarity as they age, was officially approved by the AavegotchiDAO and implemented last month. AGIP13 was quickly passed by the DAO, going from ideation to CoreProp in a short timeframe. The proposal awards Aavegotchis with Spirit Points that can be put towards changing traits and increasing rarity as they grow older.

Anyone who voted in the SigProp and CoreProp for this vote has received XP for each Gotchi in their wallet. (10 XP for the SigProp and 20 XP for the CoreProp). For all the details on AGIP13 check out the Snapshot page here.

3-Word Addresses

One of our favorite features of REALM parcels is their unique 3-word addresses. Our big-brain dev team has utilized geo-mapping to assign a unique 3-word address combination to each REALM Parcel within the Gotchiverse. 3-Word addresses feature human frenly metadata and make your Realm parcel easy to remember and search for. They are much better than a boring string of numbers! Thanks to 3-word addresses, your Aavegotchi will always be able to find their way home within the Gotchiverse. Watch our YouTube video to learn more!

Massive 1.3M USD Aavegotchi Aastronauts Auction

The Aavegotchi Aastronauts made history as the first Aavegotchis to return to Layer 1 roughly six months ago. The collection featured six fractionalized NFTs (five Aavegotchis and one Haunt 1 Portal) and was auctioned off earlier this month on Unicly.

Included in the auction were Gotchi-celebrity Terence McKenna and the TokenID #2 Haunt 1 Portal, one of the lowest TokenIDs in the Aavegotchi ecosystem. In total, the collection sold for 337.1 ETH (over $1.3 million). Terence himself ultimately sold for an astounding 141 ETH (over $500k), which set a record for highest sale of an Aavegotchi! To view the Aavegotchi Aastronauts Collection click here.

Aavegotchi to Ethereum Bridge

The Aavegotchi to Ethereum Bridge officially opened on October 4th. You can now send your Aavegotchi’s back and forth between Ethereum and Polygon. Our frens, at Rarible generously offered 3x rewards for trading the Aavegotchi Collection on their marketplace for two weeks. To use the bridge now click here.

r/CryptoCurrency Reddit AMA

The Aavegotchi Team participated in an AMA in the world’s largest crypto subreddit, r/CryptoCurrency, earlier this month. Lead Summoner’s Coder Dan and gldnXross, and Director of Marketing Gravy, fielded some aawesome questions from the community for over five hours.

Questions ranged from general questions about how the team got started to inquiries about the tokenomics of GHST. Overall, the AMA had a great turn out and introduced some new frens to GotchiGang! To check out the full AMA click here.

GHST on Umbria Narni Bridge

The Umbria Narni Bridge now supports the migration of GHST between Ethereum and Polygon. This is currently the cheapest and fastest way to transfer GHST from Ethereum to Polygon and back again. In addition to using the bridge, you can also provide GHST liquidity. While providing liquidity, you will earn GHST every five minutes with no impermanent loss. To learn more click here to read Umbria Network’s blog post.

Pixelcraft Studios Dev Highlights

Fat-Finger Protection Added for ERC721 NFTs

Fat Finger protection has been added for ERC721 NFTs (Aavegotchis and Portals). The UI will no longer allow users to list their Gotchis or Portals for less than 100 GHST. The floor is much higher than that, so this preventative measure should help keep people from getting rekt.

Aavegotchi Integrated With Gnosis Safe

Aavegotchi is now fully integrated with Gnosis Safe. This allows multisigs, DAOs, and guilds to interact with the official Aavegotchi frontend. Collective ownership of Aavegotchis is now easier than evar. Click here to learn more about Gnosis Safe.

If you think we’ve accomplished a lot, you haven’t seen anything yet! Here’s what we’ve got coming up!

  • Gotchiverse Citaadel Auction #2 (Dates TBA)
  • Onchain Gotchi Lending
  • Buy orders (“Offers”) in Aavegotchi Baazaar
  • New Gotchiverse REALM Paartners
  • More Gotchiverse Details
  • Rarity Farming Season 2 Continues
  • Much Moar!

Stay spooky frens,

Aavegotchi Team

All aboard the S.S. Gotchi




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