A new paradigm for NFT drops has arrived 🚀

The Aavegotchi Aauction House opened its doors last Thursday, July 15 to kick off Polygon’s first-ever #Bid2Earn GBM Auction. The auction lasted for 72 hours total with its dramatic conclusion happening at the end of the weekend (cue the Hammer Time!).

First, What’s a #Bid2Earn Auction?

A #Bid2Earn auction (Powered by GBM!) is a normal English auction, with a twist. Every time a participant is outbid, that person earns a payout up to a certain % of the original bid. Entirely automated, the payout is credited immediately to their wallet, along with their refunded original bid…

Momentum is building for a new generation of Aavegotchis!

  • Are you pumped to shill Aavegotchi to your frens, but need a good opportunity?
  • Are you ready to invite the exponentially growing Polygon user base to the Gotchiverse?
  • Does the largest #Bid2Earn auction ever sound like an epic highlight of the crypto year?

If you answered YESS, then you are probably part of the > 90% of AavegotchiDAO voting power that supported the recent Haunt 2 Signal Proposal!

Farm DINO tokens, earn LP fees, and make FRENS all at once!

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are evolving and will soon be the primary way people and capital organize across the Internet. Just look at AavegotchiDAO!

Aavegotchi’s own DAO has been growing over the past 10 months. Another major milestone was unlocked today with our first self-coordinated and funded collaboration 🚀

AavegotchiDAO voted in AGIP10 to allocate 100,000 GHST tokens toward “Extinction Pool” rewards on to the dinoswap.exchange DEX aggregator, with an additional 100,000 GHST being matched by Pixelcraft Studios, the lead developers of Aavegotchi.

In return, DinoSwap is…

Everyone wins in the world’s first Mass Bid-to-Earn Auction, starting on July 15!

Blink, and you miss it.

Five words that describe the majority of NFT Drops. Didn’t get one? Better luck next time, fren. Head to the Baazaar and look for a deal.

…there must be a better way, right?

What if I told you, NFT Drops could last longer than a minute?

A second chance to bring more Gotchis into the Ether Realm!

To cap, or not to cap, that is the question! While most popular NFT projects such as CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, and Hashmasks embrace the idea of a “fixed supply” to ensure digital scarcity, here at Aavegotchi we opted for another path, instead allowing the community to decide when additional Aavegotchis should be created.

This allows the collection and wider brand to grow as needed, instead of constraining supply and limiting adoption potential. …

New Raffle Tickets have launched for two big upcoming NFT Drops!

The Gotchiverse Realm Litepaper was recently published, offering the first details for Aavegotchi’s virtual world. The unique approach to land parcels (REALM) with gamified yield farming is paving the way for what amounts to be the world’s first DeFi RPG. Excitement for the game’s vision is high, but is tempered with concern for accessibility. Filled to the brim with Alchemica (ERC20 tokens), just how pricey are these REALM parcels going to be?

Previous Aavegotchi NFT drops utilized the “First Come First Serve” model, which favors those with the fastest…

The Gotchiverse REALM Litepaper release, Ambassador Program V2 launch and moar!

Hello frens! 2021 is halfway over, and we have to say, June was the biggest month ever for Aavegotchi!

In just thirty short days, we:

  • Concluded Rarity Farming Season 1
  • Launched Aambassador Program V2
  • Revealed The Gotchiverse REALM Litepaper
  • Shipped many new features to the Aavegotchi Dapp
  • Experienced Community Made Mini-Games
  • Expanded Pixelcraft Studios Team
  • Saw GHST Listings on three new exchanges

Keep reading for full details on all of these exciting items!

Rarity Farming Season 1 Concludes With 1.4 Million GHST Distributed to Over 6500 Aavegotchis Total!

UPDATE: This program has temporarily closed due to large volume of suspected bot activity. Stay tuned in the Aavegotchi Discord for announcements about re-opening.

Hey frens! After months of intensive brainstorming, planning, and refining, we are excited to reveal the official Litepaper of our Gotchi-themed Metaverse — the Aavegotchi Gotchiverse Realm!

This Litepaper offers a high-level overview of the forthcoming Gotchiverse Realm — a world where Aavegotchis can socialize, explore, battle enemies, and of course, farm yield.

We’re keeping this announcement article short and sweet, to give you plenty of time to pore over the Litepaper. But before you dive…

I am Gotchi, hear me RAWR!

All frens know that GHST is the eco-governance token of Aavegotchi, which means holding GHST empowers the holder to voting rights within AavegotchiDAO. But since the launch of Aavegotchi back in March 2021, many community members have asked, “Shouldn’t my Aavegotchi also have voting power? And what about my wearables!”

These Aavegotchi DAOists make an interesting argument. Yes, GHST is the governing token of the Aavegotchi game ecosystem, but Aavegotchis and Wearables are key elements of the game itself! So isn’t it logical that they should also possess voting power?

This is the debate…

Hey frens, we are thrilled to announce that Crypto.com, the world’s fastest growing crypto app, has listed Aavegotchi’s GHST token on its platform.

Aavegotchi is one of the 100+ cryptocurrencies that can be traded and bought directly from the Crypto.com App in a very accessible and convenient manner. Multiple payment methods are available for users, including but not limited to credit card, debit card, bank transfers and crypto payment options.

Additionally, Aavegotchi’s RSS feed is now integrated with Crypto.com’s price page, giving more than 10 million Crypto.com users access to Aavegotchi’s latest news and updates. Crypto.com …


DeFi-enabled Crypto Collectibles Collect, compete, and combine your Aavegotchis for the ultimate gamified DeFi experience! Powered by @aaveaave.

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